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What to Feed Ducks?

What to feed ducks? Most feed ducks for their delicious white meat.

As with any food that you feed ducks, you want to provide the nutrition and vitamins necessary for their bodies. These nutrients should come from good quality fish and other fresh meat or eggs, but also from some greens.

You don’t want to feed them too much of the meat. Just enough to keep them full and content and not full enough to over-feed. A small amount of meat is better than no meat at all.

You want to limit the amount of food that they are taking, and then you can kill them as you kill other ducks. Some people simply hold a bunch of them until they grow tired and try to drop them.

What to Feed Ducks
What to Feed Ducks

You can toss their heads if you catch them eating too much of their own kind. They usually eat a bit of this flesh, and some birds can even enjoy a meal of it, but don’t overdo it.

When you are waterfowl hunting, make sure that you never feed them before dark. In fact, in the summertime, just before they have had a chance to hunt, and they are out in the open. Your bait can be a fish fry, frozen chicken, small fish, or perhaps a corn muffin.

If you do this in the middle of the night, they will wake up, and you will be left with no meal, not to mention no sleep, as they are tired and need to get ready for a long night’s sleep. Remember that you are deer hunting; therefore, you should be very quiet while they are sleeping.


So, while the rest of the ducks are out foraging, or feeding on the grass, try a slightly harder bait, such as the white meat of poultry, or duck eggs. You can also use the carrion that they leave, but remember, that while they may love it, it is not edible.

Try using a simple feeder, a wire feeder that they can easily be scooped out of. I even make mine bigger, so that I can see what’s in it, before I fill it up with food.

Once the ducks are picked off of the grass and out of the water, I will place it in my stand. Then, it is important to make it as clean as possible, as to not attract attention. With the ducks getting disturbed, the ducks can get spooked and will be less alert and more likely to attack.

Also, I always need to make sure that I store the feeders in a place where I can keep them away from our hunting dogs. Remember, that if there is an animal in that area, there is a chance that you might be attacked. All ducks are smart, but they can be highly curious when alarmed.

After they have been fed once, if I need to pick them up, I will bring them right back to my duck blind, and it is only after they have eaten that I feed them a second time. Then, they will only eat what I have thrown into their water dish.

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