What to Do When You Have Thin & Short Eyelashes

Thin & Short Eyelashes: For people who have a set of thick and full eyelashes, it might seem unusual to hear about other people wanting to have longer eyelashes, and maybe even the concept of eyelash thickeners would sound strange. But if you have thin, short, or straggly eyelashes that seem to break easily, you know about all that can make your lashes break off and fall off.

One major problem that eyelash growth has to tackle is how to make the eyelashes stay thick and healthy without utilizing mascara, eyelash curlers, or other eyelash products that can weigh the lashes down. If the idea of eyelash growth makes you green with envy, then maybe you’re thinking about doing something about it.

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Here are some tips for longer, thicker lashes.

Tips for Eyelash Growth

• Use a nourishing oil on your lashes. Some oils are made from natural ingredients and are safe to use but some might be too oily for your lashes, causing them to become too sticky and possibly drop off. Some people argue that oil is actually a great benefit for making eyelashes look thicker. However, you need to be careful if you use an oil that is meant to be used on the eyes. If it gets into your eyes, it can actually cause inflammation and burning as your follicles are damaged. I would avoid olive oil for eyelash growth.

• When you wash your eyelashes, try to avoid getting it too hot and pushing it about. This can cause the follicles to fall out. I recommend using olive oil and also vitamin E oil to wash your eyelashes. These oils can also help to condition the lashes.

• To encourage natural eyelash growth, I recommend also getting a close shave during and after the oiling procedure. This will mean a close shave for the eyelash and also push against the eyelid crease and also thicken the eyelashes. (Will I recommend tweezing? Only if you have 4 kids or you plan to sleepaway the night to get enough sleep.)

• Get a cucumber or any crunchy fruit and massage it on your eyelashes. Some of these fruits also contain vitamin C which helps to promote eyelash growth.

• You should also massage your eyelashes when it is swollen. Do this a few times a day.

• Find ways to supplement the vitamins that you will be eating by taking extra Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Also, you should be careful to not rub your eyes when you are tired. By doing this, you may scratch the natural skin of your eyelids which can cause the skin to thicken and over time, you may notice that your eyelashes can grow longer and thicker.

• Invest Additionally More Water. The main of nutrition for any body including our skin is from water. Our skin needs water to repair itself and to create new cells. The more we get from water, the better chance we have of keeping our skin healthy and whole.

• Consume Creams containing Glycolic Acid. Hair growth is also stimulated by Glycolic Acid. So, there is a natural paired with a self tanning cream which works great.

• Avoid the Sun as much as probable. The damaging rays of the sun, even in a shaded room, can damage the cells of our eyes which can promote thicken of your eyelashes.

• Use an Eyelash Grower serum to stimulate hair growth. There are many serums on the market to try and you can search for them by brand.Results may not be expected overnight and even the using of the eyelash grower cream for eyelash hair growth can take some time. However, this does show results as they grow longer and thicker.

• Get a Blow-dried Set of Eyebrows. There are a set of tools, most of which are in pretty much every woman’s bathroom already, that you can use to get rid of your odd, half-burned eyebrows.

• Buy an Eyelash Curler. An eyelash curler is a tool that you can use to shape your eyelashes better. These are always used together with mascara and/or brow wax. Word of caution: Do not use a curler every day, you might just want to give it a break for a day or two.

• Part your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil or an eye shadow. This is usually done after using a bleaching powder or mask. Make sure you don’t over pluck as you will just increase the look of the eyebrows.

• I often use a brush to curl my eyelashes. You can use a brush to curl your brows the way you want. I usually group my eyelashes by thickness and then I curl the thickest bit, usually the bottom of the lash.

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