What They Are & How to Become One

Twitter has more than 192 million daily active users — a number that is projected to continue growing over the coming years. However, that the platform has millions of users doesn’t guarantee that you’ll become a Twitter power user or that you’ll get thousands of followers, even if you tweet regularly.

Gaining followers and engagement on Twitter is easier said than done. Despite your best efforts, it can seem like you’re screaming into a void. Nevertheless, the good news is that it’s possible to grow a following and become a power user on Twitter.

In this article, we’ll consider what differentiates Twitter power users from the rest and how you can become a power user too.

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The term also refers to people who spend plenty of time using a system, app, or tool. And their near-obsession with the device, app, or system gives them a higher mastery over it than casual users.

According to research by the Pew Research Center, 10% of Twitter users are Power users, and this small number of users are responsible for about 80% of tweets on Twitter.

They are also known as SuperTweeters. Power users aren’t limited to just a few tweets. Instead, their Tweet count runs into tens of thousands or even more.

This number isn’t astounding, considering that most of them have accounts that date back to the early days of Twitter. Since they’ve been around for a long time and have been super-active, it only makes sense that they have loads of tweets.

For example, Twitter power user Naval has more than 200,000 tweets.

twitter power user account: naval

While they might appear similar, most celebrities aren’t power users.

For instance, although popstar Taylor Swift has over 90 million followers, she has made around 700 tweets since 2008. So she certainly doesn’t count as a power user account.

On the other hand, power users might not be famous people or brands right from the go, but their power usage of Twitter has grown their accounts to incredible numbers over the years.

What are the Characteristics of a Twitter Power User?

So, what makes Twitter power users different from casual users? Here are five characteristics that set them apart from other users.

1. They tweet multiple times a day.

The power user isn’t a casual observer on Twitter. Instead of sitting back to read tweets from others, they are active users of the app, which is reflected in the number of tweets they post every day and over time. In addition, most of their tweets see impressive engagement numbers, such as numerous retweets and replies.

2. They have a high follower count.

Another characteristic of power users is that they have many followers. We’re talking about accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers, and some of them even have followings that run into millions.

3. They have a niche.

Rarely do you find Twitter power users talking about various subjects. In most cases, they only talk about a niche topic, such as marketing, politics, tech, or business.

4. They are likely to have a blog or website.

Power users are often quite popular because they exist in other spheres. Several of them usually have a blog or website where they expand on their thoughts and tweets.

5. They have access to unique features.

Since the release of Twitter Blueone of the characteristics of many power users is that they have access to unique features like folders for bookmarks, customized icons, and more.

Twitter Power Users Examples

Here are some popular Twitter power users:

1. Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

twitter power user account: elon musk

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