What The Inner Circle Twist Could Mean For Season 2

What The Inner Circle Twist Could Mean For Season 2

There are various theories regarding what the Inner Circle could be like in The Circle US Season 2. Find out what this revolutionary power could mean.

Warning! SPOILERS ahead for Netflix The Circle US Season 2!

Netflix The Circle US Season 2 is in full swing, and fans are dying to find out what the next twist of Inner Circle will mean for the series. It’s been clear from the start that season 2 of The Circle US will introduce a lot of twists and turns to keep players and fans in doubt. Upon the release of the season’s first batch of episodes, viewers began to fall in love with cast members such as Deleesa Carrasquillo, Chloe Veitch, Courtney Revolution, Lee Swift, and Terilisha. But the game will only get harder from here on out.

what the inner circle twist
what the inner circle twist

Following Bryant Wood’s blocking of The Circle US, Terilisha and Savannah Palacio have drawn a line in the sand when it comes to their dynamics. After some shady comments, awkward interactions, and side posts, players were basically forced to choose sides between Savannah and Terilisha. As a result, the two ended up being the lowest ranked players in the game, leaving influencers Chlo and Jack to decide their fate. When Savannah was stranded, she chose to go visit Courtney and unknowingly gave her friend the power to enter the Inner Circle.

It could be used to spy on conversations

Now that Savannah Palacio is gone The Circle US season 2 and gave Courtney Revolution access to the Inner Circle, fans want to know what that might mean for her game. There isn’t much information on what this twist means, but it is. obvious to everyone watching that it looks like a spy / eavesdropping device. It almost looks like the Cerebro device used by Professor Charles Xavier in X Men, which allows him to listen to everyone’s thoughts. At The circle, it would be a game-changing perk if Courtney could take a look at the key conversations that took place during the game, or even spy on the messages in real time.

It could reveal the true identity of a catfish

There are some catfish profiles on The Circle US season 2, including Jack Atkins (playing as Emily), Deleesa Carrasquillo (playing as Trevor), Lee Swift (playing as River) and Lisa Delcampo (playing as Lance Bass). With a name like “Interior Circle, “Courtney may have access to some inside information on who some of these players are. It’s possible that the Inner Circle will reveal the true identity behind a few catfish, or at least drop a few clues. If we combine the spy device theory and identity check theory, it could even be that this device gives a player access to watch their co-stars in their apartments in real time for a few minutes.

Fans will have to wait until Wednesday, April 21 to get the next batch of episodes from The Circle US season 2 on Netflix. Only then will the Inner Circle be officially explained to Courtney Revolution, and we’ll see how that power influences her play.

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The Circle US Season 2 airs Wednesdays on Netflix.

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