What the DualSense Controller For the PlayStation 5 Offers

What the DualSense Controller For the PlayStation 5 Offers

The upcoming Sony PlayStation 5 will feature a new DualSense controller. The layout features the traditional button structure people have come to expect from the console. But the design is slightly different, as the controller marks the most substantial change from the norm in the 25-year history of the PlayStation series.

The new DualSense controller will feature many things that make it different from older PlayStation controllers. The design includes mostly interior features that focus on producing a more immersive experience.

DualSense Controller

Haptic Feedback

The haptic feedback feature will replace the rumble technology used in older PlayStation controllers. Haptic feedback entails vibrations that operate in specific spots and intensities. The design produces a unique approach to feedback rather than shaking the entire controller when something happens in a game.

Adaptive Triggers

Adaptive triggers will also appear on the DualSense controller. These can adjust the trigger resistance levels for various gameplay effects. The settings are useful for those who want a bit of extra control over their gaming experience.

Integrated Microphone

With people using the game consoles for online gaming and communication, it only makes sense that Sony would adjust its controller to feature a microphone. The new DualSense controller will feature an integrated microphone that works inside its body. There is no need for an outside microphone attachment.

USB-C Port

The need for a USB-C port has been a concern for many PlayStation users. The new DualSense controller will finally have this feature that PlayStation fans have been clamouring for over the last few years. The USB-C port will work for recharging needs and may also up to other items, although the general plans for how the port will use are uncertain right now.

A New Design

The buttons on the DualSense are the same, but the physical design is a little different. The body features a rounded shape on the grips and face buttons. The arrangement makes the DualSense easy to grip and utilize.

A New PS Button

The central PlayStation button will have a PS shape that looks like the official PlayStation logo. The design change is a little different and is somewhat minimal, but it does produce a good appearance.

Other Details?

Extra details surrounding the PlayStation DualSense controller will be coming in later. The DualSense is expected to be worth the same amount as the DualShock 4 controller for the last PlayStation console. That controller cost $59.99 when it was first released.

Other colors should be available in the future. The initial DualSense model features a white body with a black accent. Other PlayStation controllers come in many colors, so expect the DualSense to have more.

The controller will be released alongside the initial PlayStation 5 console. The console will be available in the fall, although it is uncertain as to what the specific date for the release will be.

The new PlayStation DualSense controller will provide a great body that is different from what people might expect. The new controller is a substantial evolution from the original PlayStation controllers.

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