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What Should You Look For In Your First Dental Visit?

When taking the time to visit a dentist for the first time, you should look for a comfortable environment and a welcoming office where your personal dental needs are met with professionalism, friendliness and care in all aspects of your visit – from the appointment request you to the dentist. cleanings to be processed. Usually, a dental office provides care to people of all ages, from 2 years to adults.

A dentist will take the time necessary to diagnose your dental problems, review your medical and dental history, and provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan to achieve your optimal dental health. With your full consent and cooperation, the dentist will thoroughly assess your dental health. This will help the dental office build a solid foundation for a long term patient relationship and trust during your first visit.

Your first dental appointment will usually include an oral exam, x-rays, if necessary, and treatment options. Often the consultation and treatment can be completed on the same day. However, the dentist and team should assess your complete medical record or treatment plan to understand your health needs and make an appointment next time.

If you have a history of common health conditions that may be present before treatment such as hypertension, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, rheumatic fever, prosthetic heart valves, etc. or if you are currently taking heart medication, aspirin, anticoagulant therapy, etc. ., you must report the dental office.

Patients should provide the following information when consulting with the dentist:

  • X-rays from your former dentist, if applicable. If your dentist or doctor has records of the patient’s x-rays, you can ask them to forward them to the dental office.

  • List all the names of the medications you are currently taking

  • If you have dental insurance, have the completed forms with you. This will help the dental office prepare insurance claims, if any, on time.

It is important that when visiting the dentist, all patients under the age of 18 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Call the dental clinic and discuss your first appointment planning, financial policy, and insurance eligibility, to make this part of the process simple and straightforward. Some dentists are also open on weekends.

On your first visit, you can also check the dental clinic website and take care to use the mapping service to locate the dental office. You will also get driving directions including a map, travel time and distance to reach the destination.

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