What Quibi Shows Are People Talking About As It Launches?

What Quibi Shows Are People Talking About As It Launches?

Quibi has become an intriguing streaming service. Quibi was released in the United States and Canada on April 6, and it will be available in other countries in the future.

What makes Quibi different is that it focuses on short-form content with programs released in “chapters” lasting up to ten minutes long each. Also, the content can only be viewed on mobile devices in either a horizontal or vertical alignment.

Quibi is planning more than a hundred shows, and a few dozen are out right now. Here’s a look at some of the shows that people have been talking about the most as Quibi comes to the public.



Quibi is aiming to make Survive its big launch title. The series stars Sophie Turner, who is lost in the wilderness and is trying to survive. The show also stars Corey Hawkins and is based on the Alex Morel book of the same title.

I Promise

Basketball star LeBron James runs this documentary program about an elementary school for at-risk kids. People have been talking about how the show focuses on the challenges involved with growing up in tough environments.

You Ain’t Got These

Lena Waithe directs this series about sneaker culture. The subsection of society entails people collecting high-end sneakers, including many products from Nike’s Jordan brand.

Gayme Show!

As the name suggests, Gayme Show! is a game show that focuses on gay-oriented things. Two straight men are tested to see who is “the gayest.”

Fierce Queens

Reese Witherspoon narrates this series about female animals in the wild. The show concentrates on how these female animals hunt and search for power. The series reveals many things about wildlife and how cultures among animals develop.


Will Forte and Kaitlin Olson star in this comedy about two house flippers. The couple is kidnapped by drug barons who want them to renovate their homes. The series is said to be inspired by Chip and Joanna Gaines, the couple featured in the hit series Fixer Upper.


Ashton Kutcher’s MTV series is being rebooted for Quibi. The show was one of the more well-promoted shows on social media prior to Quibi’s launch. Chance the Rapper produces and hosts this new version, which focuses on pulling off various pranks on regular people or celebrities. People have been applauding how the show doesn’t overstay its welcome, as each episode is about seven minutes on average.

Singled Out

Another old MTV show, Singled Out is being rebooted with Keke Palmer as the host. The show focuses on matching singles up with others. The new edition is different for how it focuses on getting people together through social media connections. The show is also being promoted as being queer-friendly, with many pairings involving same-sex couples.


People are talking about DIshmantled primarily for its outlandish approach. In the series, Tituss Burgess shoots an unknown food at two chefs. The two chefs then have to taste the product and try to recreate what they think was just shot at them. Whoever gets closer to the actual things wins.

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