VCH Piercing: As a piercing that is only intended for private enjoyment, the VCH piercing (vertical clitoral hood) has a mysterious aura. While even the name, the vertical piercing of the clitoris hood, makes you flinch (“Who would want to be pierced there at all?”, You might think), you may be surprised at how many people, from mothers who stay at home to celebrities and love this piercing.

Most of you are likely to have many questions about VCH piercing, whether it is a piercing you are considering or just wanting to satisfy your curiosity. Fortunately, we have everything for you. Here’s what you need to know about VCH piercing:

What is VCH piercing?

Let’s start with the basics: what exactly is this piercing?

You can probably make a guess based on the name “vertical clitoral hood piercing.” The VCH piercing is a genital piercing that pierces the upper part of the clitoral hood vertically. The main purpose of VCH piercing is twofold: since the lower part of the piercing lies directly on the clitoris, it increases the sexual pleasure for the wearer. It decorates the genital area, which makes the wearer feel good. (It’s like wearing sexy underwear to work. You know you’re the only one who sees it, but it still feels good to be dressed down there.)

vch piercing
vch piercing

If these were your genitals, the VCH piercing would be placed around here.

Although there are many types of genital piercings, VCH piercing is the most common among female genitals. However, you need to have the right anatomy to wear one, and many don’t have a clit hood suitable for VCH piercing. Since this piercing is in such a sensitive area, you want to listen to your piercer if he advises against it. You can choose from various other options for genital piercing, and you don’t want to risk getting a piercing that will reduce sensitivity or cause other problems in this area.

Does VCH piercing increase sexual pleasure?

Yes, for the vast majority of carriers.

Since some of the jewelry is located directly on the clitoris, most people who receive this piercing have reported that they found it easier to peak after receiving the VCH piercing. In fact, many who couldn’t reach orgasm before piercing could do so for the first time after VCH piercing.

However, you must choose a reputable piercer and be open with him.

While the piercing placement depends in part on your anatomy, your piercer would also like to place it so that your pleasure increases. To achieve this, you need to discuss your preferences and what feels good with them.

If you feel uncomfortable talking to your piercer about these things, consider rethinking you get a genital piercing at all. This is a very intimate process in which the piercer has to spend a lot of time examining your genital area to determine the correct placement. If you’re uncomfortable talking about your genitals and preferences, you’re likely to feel quite uncomfortable with other aspects of the VCH piercing process.

Is VCH piercing dangerous?

If you choose a reputable piercer, the VCH piercing shouldn’t be any more dangerous than any other piercing. However, it is important to find a piercer who has experience with genital piercings. This can mean that you are taking a trip to achieve this, especially if you live in a rural area.

You probably already know that there are tons of nerve endings in the genital area. If your piercer accidentally pierces the wrong area, you run the risk of permanently losing the feeling you have Really don’t want in your genital area. So you don’t want anyone to mess around with your VCH piercing.

woman looks nervous

You are understandably nervous when your VCH gets pierced, but choosing a reputable piercer isn’t as scary as you might think.

Aside from finding a piercer who knows how to do the piercing well, they need to handle the process professionally. Many piercers require a consultation before performing the genital piercing. When it’s time actually to do the piercing, they’ll spend more than a few moments on it to make sure it’s in the right place. This means that the piercer will spend a significant amount of time in your private areas.

For this reason, you need to find a piercer that you feel comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to ask for a preferred gender, and if at any point you feel uncomfortable with the process, you can ask your piercer to stop. Piercers with experience with genital piercings want you to feel as comfortable as possible and will not be offended if you ask about your needs.

If, at this point, you feel that your piercer has crossed a line, speak out. The members of the piercing community pride themselves on performing piercings safely and professionally, and there is no place for piercers who abuse their position.

Does the VCH piercing hurt?

You will be surprised that VCH piercing hurts a lot less than you would expect.

If you’re like most people, you’re likely to flinch when you think of a needle somewhere near the clitoris hood. However, many people said that the pinch they felt was about the same as piercing their rags and less than their pain when they pierced their cartilage.

Of course, everyone’s pain tolerance is different, so that you may have more or less pain. However, you will be surprised by how easy it is.

How long does VCH piercing take to heal?

The genitals heal fairly quickly on their own, and the VCH takes at least four to eight weeks.

woman takes off her underwear

Although you are probably excited to try your new VCH piercing, you will have to wait 4 to 8 weeks for the total healing time before testing it in the bedroom.

You might think the place makes it more susceptible to infections due to urination, discharge, and other natural events, but the opposite is the case. While you still have to clean your VCH piercing every day with a homemade sea salt mixture or a piercing aftercare solution, your vaginal area is already designed to clean itself. For this reason, you should have no problem healing your VCH piercing as long as you maintain good hygiene and follow the standard piercing aftercare.

What you should avoid when healing your VCH piercing

If you want your VCH to be pierced for increased sexual pleasure, you probably want to go to the bedroom and test it.

However, as with any other piercing, you need to keep the jewelry as calm as possible during healing to avoid complications. Here are some things you need to avoid while your VCH piercing is healing.

  • Sexual intercourse
  • Oral sex
  • Touch the jewelry at all
  • Swim and swim
  • Limit alcohol and drug use

We know that you might get a little impatient, but it’s worth it for a safe healing process. The good news is that VCH piercing heals fairly quickly, so you should be able to enjoy it to the fullest sooner rather than later (as long as you take care of it while it heals).

VCH piercing and pregnancy

Whether you are planning to get pregnant soon or at some point in the future, you are probably wondering whether VCH piercing will affect this.

The good news is that a cured VCH piercing shouldn’t be in the way even at birth. Many who have VCH piercing have not had to remove it, and if so, it is purely voluntary. The position of the VCH piercing does not normally interfere with the birth process.

What jewelry can I wear in my VCH piercing?

You will be surprised by how many jewelry options you can wear in your VCH.

You can carry anything from curved dumbbells to round dumbbells to various tire styles and enjoy jewelry with charms, pearls and gemstones.

Remember that your jewelry plays a role in increasing your sexual pleasure. Every person is different. When your piercing has completely healed, try a few different types of jewelry until you find the perfect VCH jewelry for yourself.

Whether you want to improve your sex life or look for a sexy new piece of jewelry that makes you feel safe, the VCH piercing could be exactly what you are looking for. It’s not as scary as you think as long as you take the time to research a reputable piercer, and you can have fun decorating it and feeling nice.


You will feel pain because you are piercing sensitive areas. Many people report it is not as painful than they expected. Some even have compared it to the lobe-piercing (although it still stings).

You’ll feel throbbing after you have your pierced. It’s possible to wear sweatpants and cotton underwear to the procedure. To prevent any bleeding, you will need a sanitary pad. You should also keep in mind that bleeding may not occur immediately. Wear the liner, even if there is no blood.

Your personal pain tolerance and the expertise of your piercer will determine the level of pain. However, we’ll reiterate it: if you have a genital or sex piercing make sure to choose someone who is experienced in these types.


Vertical clitoral Hood piercing is actually quite simple to heal. The healing process should take between 4-8 weeks. The VCH piercing’s aftercare is the same as for any other piercing. Use saline solution 2 to 3 times per day to clean the jewelry and protect it from snagging.

Aftercare for VCH piercing

There are other things you should know about after your VCH piercing heals. These are some helpful tips to ensure happy healing.

Be careful what you drink. Your urine can actually be a good disinfectant. It can even help to remove any crusts as the VCH-piercing heals. Acidic urine can make the piercing painful. Drink plenty of water to dilute your urine. Avoid orange juice, cranberry juice, and other acidic beverages.

Wear tight, cotton underwear. This will help keep your jewelry in place while you move and prevent snagging. Be careful when you are putting on your underwear. If you happen to step on it, you could endanger your VCH piercing.

When you exercise or sit down, be careful. Because they are more in line with your body, curved barbells make a great starter jewelry choice. You should not feel the difference when you engage in everyday activities. As you heal, you may feel more sensitive to riding a bicycle, horseback riding, and other activities that require you to cross a surface. After receiving your VCH piercing, it is a good idea not to engage in these activities for at most 1 – 2 weeks.

Don’t play with the piercing until it is fully healed. Like any new piercing, it can cause rejection and scarring. Your (and your partner’s) hands could also harbor tons of bacteria. You should wait for the piercing to heal before you start playing.


For added pleasure, the vertical clitoral hood piercing can accept straight, curved, and hoop style barbells. Captive bead rings, which are commonly used for the added sensation, are also accepted. You will choose the one that gives you the most pleasure.

You don’t have to be afraid of trying different styles. You can choose between shorter or longer barbells. You can also pick from straight, curved, or hoops. Then, you’ll be able to decide which style suits your needs best. Talk to your piercer about what style you like and they can help you choose.

Your VCH piercing jewellery should be flashy. You can add some serious bling to your ladies by having a smooth ball at one end and a gemstone set on the other. You can also go classy with pearl and faux-turquoise beads.

Why should I get a VCH-piercing?

The piercing must be able to fit into your clitoral hood. Before you have a piercer visit, you can test it yourself at home. You can simply use a q-tip to lubricate your clitoral and place it in your hood. To get this piercing, the tip should be at least half-full.

You shouldn’t have this piercing if you are uncomfortable talking to your piercer about sexual preferences or having them examine the area. VCH piercing is a consultation. The placement of the piercing will depend on your anatomy as well as how you feel about it. This piercing may not be right for you if you are unable to have these conversations or don’t want your piercer to take a look at the area.

This piercing is not recommended for people who are already hypersensitive. VCH piercings are designed to increase the wearer’s sensitivity. This piercing may be too sensitive for you if you are already extremely sensitive. Talk to your piercer about other female Genital Piercings you might be able to wear for aesthetic reasons.


For the piercing, you should budget at least $100

It is important to find a piercer who has experience with genital piercings. Genital piercings have been growing in popularity but many piercers only have done them once or twice. They don’t have enough experience to discuss and understand genital placement. You can also make mistakes when placing a genital tattoo. This could mean traveling to another state or city.

Run away from your piercer if they force you to do it with forceps. This tool is not only uncomfortable but also makes it difficult to correctly place the VCH puncturing. It’s an indication that they are not experienced with genital perforations.

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