What Is Hard Seltzer, and What Makes It Distinct?

What Is Hard Seltzer, and What Makes It Distinct?

You might have noticed that there are lots of hard seltzer products out there. You might have seen White Claw hard seltzer products becoming increasingly popular as of late. Even famous brands like Bud Light and Corona are getting in on the hard seltzer market.

But what is hard seltzer, and why is it so appealing? Let’s look at what makes this so noteworthy. It turns out that hard seltzer is very attractive, but it isn’t necessarily healthier when compared with anything else. A person could potentially engage in binge drinking when consuming lots of hard seltzer, and that could be dangerous to someone’s health if not handled well.

Hard Seltzer

The Main Components

Hard seltzer is a combination of three factors. First, carbonated water makes up the base of the seltzer. Next, alcohol is added to produce the heavy feeling one would expect out of the drink.

Third, a fruit flavoring is added to the seltzer. The flavor can come in many forms, from orange to cherry to blueberry. Many companies that make hard seltzer products produce as many flavors as possible to add to the variety of what they have to offer.

The alcohol in the hard seltzer is made by fermenting cane sugar. Malted barley may also appear in some variants. The cane sugar adds a sweet flavor.

All of these features are prepared in aluminum cans. It is easy to get hard seltzer in aluminum cans, thanks to how they can handle carbonated water.

General Contents

The contents of hard seltzer are mild in comparison with many beer products. An average can of hard seltzer features about 5 percent alcohol by volume or ABV.

Meanwhile, each can contains about the same number of calories as an average can of light beer. A typical 12-ounce can features about 100 to 120 calories.

What Makes Them Special?

Hard seltzer products are popular thanks to how they are easier for people to consume. The lack of alcohol and the reduced caloric content makes them ideal for many. The assortment of flavours also makes these products appealing to the public.

The Greatest Concerns

As attractive as hard seltzer products are, that does not mean they are right for everyone. The greatest worry is that people might assume they can consume more cans of hard seltzer because they think it doesn’t contain much alcohol or calories. But hard seltzer has as much as what people would get out of light beer. Therefore, people should not expect a difference over how well something tastes or feels in consumption.

A person could engage in binge drinking without knowing about it. Binge drinking occurs when people consume excessive amounts of alcohol. The high consumption rate can be dangerous if a person is not cautious or thoughtful about what one takes in.

People should expect hard seltzer to be more popular as time goes along. But people should also watch when looking at these products, especially as the market changes and more come about.

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