What Is Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Net Worth And Salary? And Will He Really Make Millions Off A Coronavirus Vaccine??? (Spoiler: No)

Since the start of the global coronavirus / COVID pandemic, Dr Anthony Fauci has consistently been one of the most searched people on CelebrityNetWorth.com. However, if you searched CNW for “Anthony Fauci Net Worth“you won’t get a result. Why? Because, frankly, I think Fauci is basically just a hard working government doctor who has never asked for that level of spotlight and really just wants us not to fall. sick and not dying He is not a celebrity and normally not a particularly remarkable person.

The rumor circulating on Facebook (obviously) is that Dr Anthony Fauci is set to make millions of dollars from a coronavirus vaccine. In fact, if you believe in a particularly laughable iteration of the rumor, he might win / lose Bill Gates’ $ 100 Million as long as it recommends a vaccine produced by the Gates Foundation over other potential remedies such as hydroxychlorodrquinmedicinewoman.

Worse yet, the media apparently refuse to report on this scandal! Okay. Let’s do a report on this.

First of all, for those who don’t know, Dr Anthony Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergic and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). He has held this position since 1984. NIAID is one of 27 institutes under the umbrella organization of the National Institutes of Health.

He received his first degree in his class from Cornell University Medical College and has worked at NIH in one form or another since 1968 after completing his internship in internal medicine at a New York hospital.

During his time as the head of NIAID, Fauci led the government charge to treat diseases such as HIV / AIDS, Ebola, SARS and now COVID-19.

Today, he is one of the world’s leading infectious disease experts and is widely regarded as America’s most trusted physician. According to the Institute for Scientific Information, between 1983 and 2003, Anthony was the 13th most cited scientist, out of 3 million, in various medical articles, books and research.

What Is Dr Anthony Faucis Net Worth And Salary And


Salary Dr Anthony Fauci: $ 417,608

According to a database maintained by fedsdatacenter.com, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s salary in 2019 was $ 417,608. This made him the highest paid federal employee for that year. For comparison, Donald Trump’s annual salary is $ 400,000, while the year before Fauci was making $ 384,000. That’s about $ 200,000 in the 1990s.

Will Dr Fauci win $ 100 million on a future coronavirus vaccine?


How about just a few million?


And hundreds of thousands?


What about $ 1?


Dr Fauci is unwilling to make a dime profit on a vaccine or a cure. It’s an absolutely silly rumor that should end now. Complete stop. Period.

As a quick note I want to pay tribute to a journalist named Liz Essley Whyte for partially inspiring this article. Liz tweeted today about her experience speaking with a friend who expressed reluctance to take a future vaccine because she saw the aforementioned Facebook rumor about Fauci’s profit link. To prove these rumors were false, Liz submitted a government request for Fauci’s most recent federal financial disclosure. The disclosure shows exactly what stocks and assets he owns.

You can find the full financial disclosure here.

The main takeaway from this disclosure is this: Dr.Anthony Fauci’s financial investments are largely made up of bland mutual funds and money market funds that have nothing to do with the medical industry or vaccines. For example, he holds investments in the Vanguard Small Cap Index, the Schwab Government Money Fund and the CIBC Atlas Disciplined Equity Fund.

These funds have hundreds … maybe even thousands of stocks. Fauci does not personally / directly own a single pharmaceutical or medical stock.

Other fun facts from Dr. Fauci’s financial disclosure:

– He was paid $ 500 to attend and present the Lurie Award for Biomedical Research in Washington DC in March 2019.

– McGraw-Hill Publishing Company covered approximately $ 6,300 in travel expenses when he traveled to La Jolla, Calif., In July 2019 to meet with the company’s editorial board while editing a medical book .

– He won $ 100,000 – $ 1 million in royalties for publishing the aforementioned medical book titled “Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine”.

– He has a small investment in a restaurant in San Francisco that he valued at $ 1,000- $ 15,000.

– His wife received no income in 2019.

Dr Anthony Fauci Net Worth

At the end of the day, what is Dr. Fauci’s net worth? Honestly, it’s very hard to say. He is probably a multimillionaire, but unfortunately the financial disclosure does not show the value of his various investments, just the gain / loss that each investment produced and the annual dividends. For example, its best investment is the CIBC Atlas Disciplined Equity Fund which has produced a gain of $ 390,644.58 to date. This is an outlier, however. Most of his other investments have brought in around $ 10,000 to $ 20,000.

When you combine his annual dividends, $ 400,000 salary, and accounting royalties, Fauci probably made over $ 1 million in 2019, and maybe as much in recent years. Much of his presumption depends on how much he actually earned from McGraw-Hill and whether it is an ongoing or recurring gig. As you may have noticed, he gave a fairly wide range for his accounting royalty income, “$ 100,000 – $ 1 million”.

If I had to peg Anthony Fauci’s net worth, I would say he certainly seems to be at least in the low millions… maybe $ 3 million and probably less than $ 10 million.

And the Bill Gates connection ??? !!!

Ahhh yes. Let’s not forget Bill Gates. According to the Facebook rumor, Fauci would earn Bill Gates $ 100 million if he approves Gates’ vaccine, while rejecting other potential remedies like hydroxychloroquine. Why? Because Bill Gates – who is already the second richest person in the world with a net worth of $ 120 billion – must fool the world by using a vaccine he financed so that he can make more than billions… Okay.

Here are the facts:

Bill Gates, through his foundation, pledged up to $ 100 million to support “the global response to the 2019 novel coronavirus.“Of these $ 100 million, $ 60 million will be committed”accelerate the discovery, development and testing of vaccines, treatments and diagnostics for 2019-nCoV“(This is the official name of COVID-19. At no time will the Gates Foundation attempt to create its own vaccine or take advantage of other vaccines.

Whoever ends up creating the final vaccine will have no financial obligation to Gates or his foundation.

There are currently over 70 potential vaccines in development. Some of them have received installments of funding from the Gates Foundation. I say splinters because the money is indeed a misery compared to the billions of funds provided by the US government and private companies like Moderna. There is absolutely no truth behind the idea that Gates, his foundation, or Fauci will benefit at all from the eventual vaccine.

Here. Can we start sharing baby photos and sunsets on Facebook again?

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