What Is a Vegan Wine?

Vegan Wine: Most people would assume that all wines are vegan, what with wines consisting mainly of grapes and yeast. But the truth is that many things go into wines that can keep them from being vegan.

The fact is that many fining agents can keep wines from being vegan. But today, vegan wines are becoming more common. These wines are becoming popular thanks to how these wines do not feature any animal-based products used in its production.

With more people being interested in vegan products than ever before, such wines are expected to become more prominent. But there are no rules surrounding how a company can promote its wines as being vegan. People who are interested in such wines will have to note what they are finding and that they can find choices that are indeed vegan.

Vegan Wine
Vegan Wine

What Keeps Wines From Being Vegan?

The main concept of a vegan wine is that it does not feature any animal-based products. These include many items that keep products from being vegan.

Many wines feature fining products that will remove small bits of sediment that cannot be removed through traditional filtration processes. Among these compounds include egg whites. Casein, which is a protein in milk, is often utilized in some wines. Such compounds help to keep the wine pure, but they prevent these from being vegan.

Some non-vegan wines also use beeswax to seal bottles. Milk-based glues are often used in some corks to keep them secure.

Vegetable-Based Products Are Worthwhile

Vegetable-based compounds are being used in vegan wine to remove those sediment particles. More of these products have no sediment because they use bentonite in the filtration process. Bentonite is a clay or pea protein compound that is vegan and suitable for use.

Pure Sealing

The sealing efforts used in vegan wines do not utilize any beeswax or dairy compounds for sealing bottles or removing impurities. The sealing effort has to be kept under control to ensure the contents will stay in the bottle.

Some Sediment May Stick Around

One point about some vegan wines is that they feature some bits of sediment. The vegan wineries will often avoid using anything to remove sediment, thus allowing those compounds to fall to the bottom part of the wine bottle.

How Can You Tell?

The United States and European Union do not require wineries to list what fining agents they use, or other things they use in the processing effort. Therefore, a customer will have to use one’s proper diligence to figure out if a wine is vegan or not. It is not always easy to see what a wine is like, but it helps to note what a winery says about a product. Many wineries will be open when telling people that they produce vegan wines, but there is no guarantee that every winery would follow through here.

Still, people should expect to note vegan wines as vegan culture continues to grow. There is a possibility that vegan wines will be more interesting to many people who might be interested in vegan products.

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