What is a shawl?

What is a shawl?

Shawls are fabrics that are worn on the upper body, across the shoulders, down the front of the body and to protect the neck or end in place of a cape, collar or a fur, in much the same way that knickers protect your lower back.

For thousands of years people have been wearing shawls, not as an item of attire but as a sign of religious matrimony, a universally accepted custom in places like ancient Egypt where wrapped cloths were kept for protection against the extreme fiery heat in the scorching desert.

The lush regions of the Asian countries are renowned for the production of a wide range of fabrics, some of the most popular of these being shawls, scarves, kaftans, and astrakhan. These remarkable examples of stylized woven fabrics that are cherished for their eye catching shapes were traditionally woven by skilled tribes belonging to the areas that are now Afghanistan, India, Turkey and China.

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Shawl Fashion

During the nineteenth century the shawl became a fashion accessory, worn for both practical and fashionable purposes by both men and women and