What Is 8K TV, and When Can You Get It?

What Is 8K TV, and When Can You Get It?

8K TV: The television display industry has been growing over the years to include more realistic screens. 8K TV is the latest development in the field.

An 8K TV set is designed for large display purposes. The television set can display images with clarity over a larger space.

The technology is exciting; especially given how advanced it is over the 4K standard. But even then, you should watch for what you could get out of a television set. There are concerns surrounding how well companies may adopt the technology, not to mention how other forms of tech may evolve.


What Does 8K Mean?

The 8K term refers to the number of horizontal pixels on an image. An 8K image has a resolution of 7,680 horizontal pixels by 4,320 vertical pixels. The total is twice that of the 3840×2160 standard you would get out of a 4K set.

Designed For Larger Screens

The main reason why an 8K TV set is useful is that it can project a clear image over a larger space. By supporting more pixels all around, it becomes easier for the screen to display content.

Ready For Future Displays

The high-definition standard used by broadcasters and most disc-based media formats is 1920×1080. Meanwhile, the 4K standard is being utilized by more productions than ever before. While it might be years before the 8K standard works in many productions and media formats, it is clear that such measures of quality are becoming more prominent these days.

When Can You Find One?

8K TV sets are available on the market right now. You can find such sets from top brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, and Hisense. Many of these television sets are also smart models that can to home assistant programs. These screens can also vary in size from 49 to 105 diagonal inches.

Should You Get It Now?

The best tip right now is to wait a bit before buying an 8K TV set. The main concern is that while there is plenty of 4K programming and media support available today, that is not true for 8K content. While the 8K industry will grow and evolve, it might take a while for this to happen.

Also, you would have to watch for the HDMI standard that’s out there now. An 8K set will feature plenty of HDMI ports for all your devices. The HDMI 2.1 standard was critical for allowing 4K content to be easy to display and stream. But future sets may work with whatever the next HDMI version might become. The next edition could handle more data and work faster, which would be a necessity for more detailed 8K signals.

In general, you can find an 8K set right now, but it may be a good idea to wait. The technology is appealing, and it makes it easier for people to display items on larger screens. But you’ll have to look at how well new sets are produced and how content providers and tech companies can handle the 8K standard.

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