What Happened To Shep Rose After Season 7?

Shep Rose from Southern Charm has been keeping busy since filming for season seven wrapped. He’s gone on glam vacations and released his first book.

Shep Rose joined the cast of Southern Charm for its first season back in 2014, and we have interesting information about what he’s been up to after season 7. The self-proclaimed “bachelor” became one of the most recognizable faces from the hit Bravo series. Even though he may get himself into trouble every once and a while due to his player ways, he gets away with a lot because of his fun personality. Through the years, Shep has become one of the most beloved Southern Charm cast members. Fans would be devastated if he left the show.

Throughout season seven, Shep was featured in many of the episodes, but he was not involved in any of the major issues. Most of the drama centered around Kathryn Dennis and her racially insensitive exchange with a Black radio host, as well as Madison LeCroy, who has “closed the door” on Austen Kroll. Since filming wrapped, Shep had been focusing on travel and projects, rather than the drama that inevitably crops up on his reality show.

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The 41-year-old, who is living the Instagram influencer dream, took a trip to the Bahamas with some friends. His longtime girlfriend Taylor Ann Green went along. Shep shared a series of photos to Instagram of himself, Taylor, and their large group of friends. He captioned the snap, “What an action packed Bahamas trip with good friends. Lobster, grouper, cold beer and rum. Oh my.” A couple of weeks later, he took another trip, this time with his fellow Southern Charm costars, Austen Kroll and Craig Conover. The guys headed down to Bermuda for a few days, where they did some inshore fishing and played a few rounds of golf.

Besides a couple of vacations, Shep also released his first book called “Average Expectations: Lessons in Lowering the Bar.” According to the publisher’s summary, the book includes a collection of witty and engaging essays. He talks about interesting stories from his 41 years of life and touches on relationships, traveling, popular culture, and other topics. The stories focus on different lessons he has learned throughout his life, and how he had fun along the way. Shep has been all over the world, from Hong Kong to Dubai to Charleston. He is currently enjoying a more settled life with his girlfriend, Taylor.

While we do not know what Southern Charm season eight will bring for Shep, we do know that he will bring the drama for next season. Shep certainly has a lot to discuss with his castmates, including his new book. Shep gets paid well to do Southern Charm, and so do his fellow castmates. However, if his book is a hit, he may find that his net worth rises even when the cameras aren’t rolling.

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