What Happened To Paul Walker’s Car Collection?

What Happened To Paul Walker’s Car Collection?

Actor Paul Walker premature death in 2013 continues to send reverberations across its large fan base, even now. An important sector of this fan base are those who admire Walker for his commitment to automobiles – like Steve McQueen and other car-loving movie stars before him. At this point, his car collection is the subject of almost as much discussion as his cinematic performance. But what happened to Paul Walker’s collection of cars after his death?

What Happened To Paul Walker's Car Collection?
What Happened To Paul Walker’s Car Collection?

It’s a story that will inevitably remind the reader Fast and furious conspiracy, involving allegations of car theft against a Richard Taylor, whom Walker would have trusted to oversee his impressive collection of automobiles before his death. Paul’s estate has claimed that Taylor removed more than 30 of the deceased actor’s cars from their warehouse just hours after his death, including a 2011 Porsche 911 GT3 RS, a 2008 BMW M3 and many others, in a movement which can be charitably described as daring.

Walker’s estate used different words when they sued Taylor in 2015, alleging that after moving 31 of Paul Walker’s cars to “unknown places”, he had provided the estate with what he called a ” Paul Walker’s current car inventory list “including 32 cars. The suit said there were seven cars known to have been part of the Walker collection that were missing from the list, and that they should be returned as soon as possible. The following year, the lawsuit between the Walker and Taylor estate was “settled out of court” according to one of the estate’s attorneys, some or all of the cars being returned to the estate – but the precise terms of the regulations were and remain confidential.

Unfortunately, this was not the only lawsuit brought by the Paul Walker family over their collection of cars. In 2014, Paul Walker III (Walker’s father) brought an action against the estate of Roger Rodas, Paul’s late friend who was driving the car when the accident that killed them both occurred. Later, in 2016, a settlement was also reached in this case, with $ 10.1 million paid into a trust for the then 17-year-old daughter of Walker, Meadow.

As for what ultimately happened to Paul Walker’s car collection after the various legal battles, fans of the actor could have been dismayed to learn several months ago that a large part of the collection was being sold. auction:

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