What Happened To Madison Hildebrand After Show

Madison Hildebrand first joined the cast of Million Dollar Listing LA in 2006, then left after 10 seasons to live a more peaceful life in Malibu.

Madison Hildebrand has joined the cast of Million Dollar Sign: Los Angeles for his first season in 2006. He was a full-time actor for the first six seasons, but was later demoted to a recurring role for seasons seven and eight. Madison returned full time for seasons nine and ten before officially leaving the show at the end of season 10. The real estate agent no longer felt the show was adding joy to his life, so he decided to stop and focus on other matters.

Those who have been watching for a long time MDLLA Madison will be remembered for her friendship with Heather Altman and for selling luxury homes in Malibu. Besides the cameras that caught him selling some of the Los Angeles area’s most fabulous properties, Madison often bickered with his rival, Josh Altman. After Josh began a relationship with his friend and colleague Heather, Madison felt even more animosity for Josh. The three have since buried the hatchet. Madison and Heather may not be friends anymore, but they don’t harbor any ill will towards each other.

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What Madison has been doing since leaving MDLLA after season ten? After retiring from the show, Madison decided to take a trip to Fiji and Tonga, intending to now focus on building her own real estate company, the Malibu Life team. He also wants to start a family. In an interview with Distract, the former reality TV star has spoken of her desire for a serious relationship and a family. “I am at that point in my life where a family is something I would like to do as soon as possible, “he revealed.”And I’m single now, so I have time to have a serious relationship without the cameras interfering with my personal life.“Madison may still be looking for the perfect guy, but her real estate business is booming.

Madison’s success was quickly followed by tragedy. After fleeing the terrible wildfires in California, the real estate agent suffered a serious injury and had problems with his two Dobermans, Maya and Prince. Madison’s injury occurred while he was cooking in the kitchen. He didn’t notice his dog, Prince, under his feet. When he turned around he almost tripped over the puppy. To avoid injuring her dog, Madison fell, but the knife in her left hand caused severe damage. After noticing that something was still bothering him, he underwent a CT scan and discovered that the bone had died in his hand. Madison had to undergo a complex operation to repair her bones, which was performed at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, according to Checklist. To repair her hand, doctors had to remove the bone from her hip to replace the dead bone in her hand.

Beyond his hand injury, Hildebrand also had to deal with the loss of his two beloved dogs. Maya died of serious heart problems in 2019, while Prince died in February after Madision found out he had cancer. Since his departure Million Dollar Sign: Los AngelesMadison has been through a lot of tragedy, but he still enjoys every moment of life. It’s had a tough 2019, but 2020 has been a lot better for Madison, despite the global pandemic.

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