What Happened To Leva Bonaparte After Season 7

Leva Bonaparte joined Southern Charm at the start of season seven. Find out what the mother and business owner has been up to since filming wrapped.

Leva Bonaparte joined season seven as a newcomer on Southern Charm. While viewers may have not known of her before, the cast was already well aware of who Leva was. In past seasons, Leva has appeared as a guest on the show, but never had a significant role on the cast. But she has a long history with the cast, and Bravo finally felt it was time to make Leva a full-time cast member.

Viewers of the popular Bravo series were excited to see some new faces on their screen. Not only is Leva a breath of fresh air, but she also brought a new perspective to the show regarding race and white privilege. She was not afraid to call out fellow co-star Kathryn Dennis regarding her recent racism scandal involving her and a Black radio host. Kathryn sent the radio host a monkey emoji during a heated exchange, which the host was offended by. Viewers enjoyed how Leva handled the situation with compassion and firmness towards Kathryn.

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Now that season seven is over, what is Leva up to now? The 41-year-old has been spending her time off from filming with her family, especially her son, Lamar, Jr. Her Instagram page is filled with photos of her and Lamar Jr. hanging out together and doing different activities. Leva’s most recent post shows the mother-son duo sitting on their couch by a huge bay window. Judging by the caption, Lamar Jr. wanted his mom to snap the photo, “I just can’t with this boy and his poses…he was horsing around and said, ‘babe give mommy love please take a pic’ this was his face.” Leva clearly loves spending her days off with her little man.

Other than spending time with her adorable son, Leva has been focusing on her different businesses. She collaborated with former Southern Charm cast member Eliza Limehouse on a collection of fine jewelry. Leva put together a capsule of jewelry, including a heart and a crescent moon necklace. She also put together a capsule of bracelets with Snaffle Bit Bracelet in Charleston. They are cute beaded bracelets with adorable little charms. Other than her recent jewelry venture, Leva has been promoting her several restaurants in Charleston. She owns four restaurants with her husband, Lamar, called Mesu, Republic Garden & Lounge, Bourbon N’ Bubbles, and 1st Place Sports Bar.

Season eight has just begun filming, and it seems as though Leva will be joining her Southern Charm castmates for another installment of the series. Viewers adored Leva last season and were happy to see her bring an exciting storyline to the show. Although she may have to spend less time with her son and might leave the focus on the restaurants to her husband, Leva is ready to come back for another season of the reality series.

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