What Happened To Kathryn Dennis After Season 7

Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm has been busy since season seven ended. Here’s what the star has been up to, including more custody drama.

Kathryn Dennis had a rough time on season seven of Southern Charm, but life seemed to be getting better for her. She has the love of her boyfriend, Chleb Ravenell, and the support of her friends and family. Even though it took Kathryn a while to understand why everyone was upset with her racially insensitive past, she did realize her white privilege and promised to do better in the future. It seems as though season seven allowed Kathryn to become a better person.

Season seven centered around the COVID-19 pandemic and how the cast was dealing with it. As the season progressed, viewers saw some castmates contract the virus, the breakup of Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy, and Kathryn’s racially insensitive past. She got into a fight over Instagram DM’s with a Black radio host, who called her out for attending a boat parade in support of Donald Trump’s reelection in Charleston. Kathryn used a monkey emoji in the exchange, which caused an uproar amongst Southern Charm fans. She has since learned from her mistakes and is moving on.

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So, what has Kathryn been up to since filming wrapped for season seven? The 29-year-old has been spending her time off with her new boyfriend, Chleb. The couple has been sharing photos of themselves together on Instagram all over Charleston and in Miami. Kathryn most recently shared a photo of her sitting on Chleb’s lap with the caption, “Mami and Papi in Miami.” Besides keeping her followers updated on her relationship status with her new man, Kathryn has also been encouraging body positivity and self-worth. Her most recent Instagram upload shows Kathryn in a bikini, inspiring her followers to show their bodies self-love.

While her relationship may be heading in the right direction, Kathryn is having issues with her ex, Thomas Ravenel. The reality star lost custody of her two children, Kensie and Saint, a couple of weeks after Thomas filed for a temporary custody order. More than a year after they settled their custody battle, the 58-year-old has temporarily regained primary custody of their kids (via People). Kathryn is now only allowed supervised weekend visitations. The former couple agreed to a joint custody agreement after Kathryn had primary custody following Thomas’ arrest when he was charged with assault and battery. At the same time, their former nanny also accused Thomas of rape. The reason behind the custody change has not been revealed due to the case being sealed.

The new year started off strong for Kathryn. She and Chleb were in a great place in their budding romance, she was finally able to understand her white privilege, and she got to wake up to two beautiful, healthy children. While her relationship is still going strong, Kathryn no longer gets to see her children every day. Viewers will have to wait for season eight of Southern Charm to see what happened between Kathryn and Thomas for her to lose custody.

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