What Happened To Elizabeth Frankini After Season 8 Ended

Elizabeth Frankini did not excel at her job on Below Deck. While unhappy to be fired, she quickly found new opportunities thanks to her TV fame.

Things did not end well for Elizabeth Frankini on Below Deck. Even with the pandemic cutting the charter season short, Frankini still had enough time to get herself into trouble. More focused on boys and breaking charter rules, such as sleeping in an unoccupied guest cabin, than her job, she pushed chief stew Francesca Rubi past her limits. Captain Lee eventually had no choice but to allow Rubi to fire Frankini, who appeared to be completely blindsided by the firing, although that may have only been for the cameras. Since being fired, she has continued to travel, but not on yachts.

Frankini, despite knowing she broke the rules, blamed everyone but herself for her firing. She even spoke out against Captain Lee, saying he didn’t know how badly she was being treated. Captain Lee received some flack for letting Rubi deliver the news of the firing to Frankini instead of handling it himself. Captain Lee is known for being more of a hands-off captain who depends on his chief stew to keep the staff doing what they’re supposed to. Given Frankini rarely did what she was supposed to be doing, she was not destined to have a long yachting career. So, what has she moved on to?

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According to her Instagram, Frankini appears to be using her reality show fame to be an influencer. She posts pictures of herself at various hotels and talks up their great points. She has also partnered with a face mask brand and modeled clothing brands. While she was fired on national TV for her work ethic, she isn’t the only crew member to be fired on the show. Plus, using her fame to advertise on social media doesn’t require a long-term commitment, so many companies seem to be interested in hiring her. It also allows her to travel, which she seems to have done a lot of.

Another interesting thing viewers did not know is Frankini has a background in acting. In 2014, she played a role in Behind Closed Doors, an indie thriller. After leaving Below Deck, she filmed the dramatic short, They Prefer Richards. She thanked the production team on her Instagram and seemed to imply she was hoping this would lead to other acting projects. She likes to be in front of the camera, whether it’s posing on Instagram, filming a reality show, or acting in a film, so fans have definitely not seen the last of her.

During her time on the My Seanna superyacht, Elizabeth Frankini put her focus and energy into a relationship with womanizer James Hough. It made her experience on the yacht an unpleasant one for her and everyone else. Now, she appears to have landed on her feet and is pursuing opportunities that are a better fit for her, and that still allow her to travel. Overall, her firing may be the best thing that could have happened to her.

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: Elizabeth Frankini/Instagram

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