What Happened to Derek After Season 10

Married At First Sight star Derek Sherman married Katie. They clicked at the start, but the spark faded when issues of exes and infidelity arose.

Derek Sherman was a fan favorite on Married At First Sight season 10. However, fans felt that Katie Conrad was not ready to be on the show. Their relationship was rocky throughout the season, but they surprisingly decided to stay together. Then, at the reunion, it was revealed that they were in the process of getting a divorce. Derek accused Katie of cheating and she denied his claims. Despite Derek’s best efforts to keep their marriage together, it unfortunately crumbled. Now, Katie has moved on, and so has Derek.

Married At First Sight season 10 featured a lot of explosive couples. From Brandon to Taylor to Mindy and Zach, the memorable season was filled with mismatches. Although the show is a risk, and the cast members know that it does not guarantee romantic happiness, the participants were not the best candidates. For example, Katie clearly still had unresolved feelings for her ex, whom she had spoken to Pastor Cal about. Nonetheless, she was picked. This choice is reminiscent of Chris Williams, who still had issues with his past relationships. These issues seeped into his marriage with Paige Banks. Derek and Katie could not get on the same page, and as hard as they may have tried, just like fellow alums Olivia and Brett, they were not meant for each other.

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Derek and Katie will both follow in the footsteps of participants who have found love outside of the show. It may come a little late, but it will come. Derek seems to have been catching up on time with his friends and doing things he loves. He posted a fun photo on Instagram about pumpkin carving and why he couldn’t do it the previous year: I’m not sure how it started, but Pumpkin Carving has oddly enough become one of my secret passion hobbies. I wasn’t able to do one last year cause of… well life and marrying a stranger.. but I tried to make up for it this year.“ His pumpkin was incredibly creative as it was a baby Yoda.

He continued the caption about looking forward to what 2021 would bring him, “Despite how much I love this one.. because you know…. Baby Yoda… I’m looking forward to what I’ll do next year even more 😏 until then” Derek also added a time-warp video that let fans see his creative process, including how long it took him to create his pumpkin Baby Yoda. Fans were impressed with his talent. Derek has simply been embracing his life. It’s great to see him happy and adventuring with those closest to him.

As with MAFs alum Jason Hendrix, who also got divorced after the show, things didn’t go how he wanted. However, Derek did his best. Ultimately, both parties need to be present. Katie felt like Derek was not giving her what she needed, and Derek felt like Katie was not meeting him halfway. In the end, their divorce was for the best. They have probably learned so much from the process and their relationship. It wasn’t what they wanted but in the end, Married At First Sight star Derek learned invaluable lessons.

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