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What Do Tattoo Artists Use To Wipe Away Ink?

If you’ve ever been tattooed, you’ve probably noticed that the whole process can be a bit complicated. While the tattoo artist is doing their job, it is inevitable to have some extra ink scattered around. And, in the end, your tattoo ended up being super clean and neat? How?

Cleanliness and attention to hygiene are extremely important in the tattoo process. Without awareness, one could risk contamination and infection. So any excess ink should go away so it doesn’t damage the tattoo as well as your skin. In the following paragraphs we will talk about how tattoo artists manage to wipe off any excess ink and make your tattoo clean and neat in the end. So keep scrolling!

What Do Tattoo Artists Use To Wipe Off Ink: Have You Ever Heard Of Green Soap?

Well, that’s what tattoo artists use to keep your skin sanitized, clean, and the tattoo neat. For those who have had a tattoo before, you probably noticed how your tattoo artist used green soap on your skin before the tattoo procedure. Well, that’s why no excess ink was left on the skin and why your tattoo was perfect.

So what is green soap?

Green soap is a vegetable soap that respects the environment. It is also described as an oil-based vegetable soap. Typically, the soap is used by healthcare professionals, in medical facilities, tattoo and piercing studios, and similar facilities to keep skin clean and disinfected during certain procedures. It is the essential soap of medical level, hypoallergenic and without perfume.

Green soap can be used like regular soap or it can be diluted and applied via a spray bottle. This makes for an even safer and more hygienic procedure since you won’t be touching the skin directly.

And of course, green soap isn’t actually green. It’s more of a yellowish color that it derives from ingredients, like vegetable oil or glycerin. However, the soap has a green tint, hence its name.

Why do we use green soap?

Green soap is an exceptional way to keep skin sanitized and clean. It helps reduce the risk of infection once the tattoo is complete, as well as the risk of skin infection, swelling, redness, and raised tattoo bumps.

All in all, green soap simply reduces the risk of developing any kind of tattoo side effects.

However, the main purpose of soap isn’t just to keep things clean and infection-free, although that’s a pretty important goal. The soap also has soothing properties. Because it contains natural oils, it promotes skin healing and leaves your skin feeling nourished and soft after such an aggressive and intense procedure as tattooing.

What are the ingredients of green soap?

Green soap is usually made by mixing different natural ingredients. Some of them include glycerin, vegetable oil, coconut oil, ethyl alcohol, and other variations of these ingredients. The soap is plant-based, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free. Due to these ingredients, the soap has effective disinfecting effects, but it also combats skin dryness, itching, flaking, and other issues that one could potentially face after a tattoo procedure.

What should I do if I’m allergic or if I can’t get the green soap?

Of course, even though it is hypoallergenic and made from all-natural ingredients, that doesn’t mean that some people won’t experience certain allergic reactions after using green soap. And, of course, not everyone reading this can just buy green soap. Therefore, we have collected equally good alternatives that you can surely use;

  • Sterilized water – unless you are allergic to water (which some people are by the way), this is probably your best alternative to using green soap. We insist that sterilized water should be in the pharmacy; bottled or tap water should not be used for these purposes. This could be counterproductive and you risk serious bacterial infections.
  • Hydrogen peroxide – this is a well-known alternative that many already use to wipe off excess ink or disinfect the skin before procedures. It is important to use hydrogen peroxide with caution as it can aid in tattooing and skin lightening.
  • Alcohol mixed with carrier oil – it’s also a great option if you want to remove excess ink or disinfect the skin before a procedure. However, alcohol is known to be quite harmful and can dry out the skin quite significantly. So be rather careful when using it. Be sure to use small amounts, especially if you have sensitive skin.

If you are allergic to green soap, it is essential to inform your tattoo artist before your tattoo appointment. This way, your tattoo artist will have plenty of time to prepare another skin sanitizer as well as something they can use to wipe off excess ink. If you don’t want to use any of the aforementioned alternatives, be sure to also try baby soaps or antibacterial and fragrance-free soaps. These could work well, without causing damage or irritation to the skin.

How can green soap be used for tattooing?

The general use of green soap is to prepare the skin for the tattoo procedure by disinfecting and cleaning it. However, this soap also has many other uses;

  • Green soap can be used in its diluted form – in this way, the tattoo artist prevents any risk of cross-contamination but without touching the skin. This will greatly reduce the risk of infection.
  • Green soap can be diluted with water – as such, the green soap is then used to wipe down the tattooed area, remove any excess ink when changing color, and simply cool the skin and prevent pain and irritation during long sessions.
  • Green soap cleanses shaved skin – before the actual tattooing process, the tattoo artist is most likely to shave the designated tattoo area. To prevent the buildup of ingrown hairs and bacteria, the tattoo artist will again clean the area with green soap. This will ensure that there are no hairs left and your skin gets the moisture and nourishment it needs to withstand the tattoo needle.
  • Green soap solution is used to clean the finished tattoo – After the tattoo process is complete, the tattoo artist will use a green soap solution to remove any remaining ink or blood from the skin. Once cleaned, the tattoo will be wrapped to protect it.

Where can I buy green soap?

You can buy green soap at a tattoo supply store or at a store that sells medical supplies. It is also available for purchase on Amazon if you are looking for an online shopping option. Here are some of our Amazon recommendations;

  • Dragon Art Green Soap – this is a concentrated green soap that comes with a squeeze bottle for better and easier dispensing. This soap is used by tattoo professionals and piercers alike, so it is very high quality and generally very effective in disinfecting and removing excess ink or blood from a tattoo. Soap should be diluted with water before use.
  • Pirate Face Tattoo Cosco Green Soap – this is also a concentrated green soap designed for professional use. This soap is one of the best selling green soaps used by tattoo professionals and piercers. The soap comes with a squeeze/wash bottle, which is great if you don’t have a spray bottle handy. It is super effective at disinfecting, cleaning and removing excess ink and blood from a tattoo. Soap should be diluted with water before use.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know what tattoo artists use to wipe off excess ink. Green soap is super effective and useful; it is generally safe for the skin and even helps in healing and moisturizing the skin. If you’ve never used it, be sure to test if you’re allergic to it by adding a small drop of soap to your skin. If your skin is irritated and red, you should use green soap alternatives. In this case, be sure to let your tattoo artist know so they can prepare suitable alternatives.

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