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What Do Tattoo Artists Hate: 13 Things Clients Do That Every Tattoo

Going to a tattoo studio to get inked requires every client to follow a certain etiquette. It should be clear that you can’t behave the way you want in a tattoo studio. Inappropriate behavior just shows his disrespect for tattoo artists and the hard work they put into creating amazing body art.

Because they have to deal with a load of different clients, it has become clear that tattoo artists surely hate certain things that people do. So, in the following paragraphs, we will highlight some of the most resentful behaviors that all tattoo artists in the world hate and make sure our readers avoid them.

There, before you go get a tattoo, be sure to read this and try to follow the obvious rules of good behavior. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

13 things that piss off all tattoo artists

1. Not knowing what you want

Customers who come to a tattoo studio expecting the tattoo artist to come up with the perfect tattoo himself is probably one of the worst things ever. Before getting a tattoo, each client should have an idea of ​​the design they are interested in. the tattoo artist can work on the design and improve it. However, coming to the studio without knowing what you want and disapproving of the tattoo artist’s recommendations is prohibited.

2. Wanting other people’s tattoos

Asking a tattoo artist to copy another tattoo artist’s work is not only rude, but also quite disrespectful, and even illegal in some places. Copying another person’s artistic property without asking or consulting potential users can cause the tattoo artist a lot of trouble. Did we mention that some people hide the fact that the design they want is by another tattoo artist? Yes, people lie about this stuff, and tattoo artists hate it.

3. Changing your mind on the day of the appointment

Now, two things tattoo artists hate that happen on date day are;

  • Cancel or postpone the appointment without a valid reason – Some people cancel or reschedule just because they can, which is very rude. Of course, in an emergency, the tattoo artist will usually find a suitable reschedule date and make sure the client doesn’t worry.
  • Want to change the tattoo design – now that might be one of the worst things customers can do. Changing your mind about the tattoo design just when you are about to get a tattoo is a bit rude.

Of course, no one should be pressured into getting a tattoo they don’t want, but usually clients have time to change their minds before scheduling a tattoo appointment. Also, in the case of bespoke designs, changing their minds on the day of the appointment will often result in customers leaving the end of the waiting list.

4. Openly disapproving of the cost of tattooing

Knowing, or at least expecting, the price of tattooing is a must before you meet with your tattoo artist. Some people like to play dumb and expect the price to drop or get a discount just because. It just shows that these people have no respect for the creativity and hard work that a tattoo requires. Tattoo artists don’t like customers who openly don’t care about the cost of tattooing. Tattoos are expensive, for a reason, and it’s common knowledge.

5. Bring the whole entourage

Coming to a tattoo session with a friend is fine; no tattoo studio will fuss about it. However, some clients bring the whole group of friends with them, which usually creates havoc in the studio. First of all, the majority of tattoo studios aren’t that big. Your friends will take up too much space and moreover, they will distract the tattoo artist. A tattoo studio is not a cafe or a party, so be sure to bring limited support to your tattoo session or try to come alone.

6. Not being clean or shaved

This is perhaps one of the worst things customers do; some people come to a tattoo appointment without showering first. Some people don’t even shave the area designated for the tattoo.

First of all, not cleaning up before an appointment is totally disrespectful to the tattoo artist. This person has to work close to your body, for hours on end, so you can see why it’s not just rude but also mean. Some people want a tattoo in weird areas, like genital area, lower area, armpits, etc. If the tattoo artist needs to hold their breath while working, then something is wrong.

Now, speaking of shaving; it is essential to shave the area that will be tattooed, before the appointment. If your tattoo artist needs to shave you, they will waste a lot of time and even risk a razor cut. If this happens, they won’t be able to tattoo you properly. So shave at home and come clean and ready for the appointment.

7. Shake during the tattoo process

One of the most important things during the tattooing process is that the client remains still. By fidgeting and moving, you make it very difficult for your tattoo artist to do a good job and not make mistakes.

If a client is in pain, for example, all they have to do is tell the tattoo artist, and they’ll pause, giving you time to remember and prepare for what’s next in the process. But, even that can get boring.

So if you think you can’t handle the tattoo, apply topical pain ointment or choose the least painful tattoo placement on the body. Other than that, try to stay still until the tattoo artist is done.

8. Take a phone call during the tattoo process

Some people just can’t leave their phone on for a few hours, even during a tattoo session. If you plan to be on the phone, talking, and texting during the whole process, you should probably let your tattoo artist know beforehand. Otherwise, you will come across as disrespectful.

It’s one thing to check your phone once in a while to pass the time (if you’re in a suitable position during the process to do so). But, talking on the phone all the time is rude, disrespectful and even distracting for the tattoo artist. Some people even turn on the speaker, which is really inconsiderate for everyone in the tattoo studio.

9. Arriving drunk or intoxicated

Most tattoo artists won’t tattoo an inebriated client; in some states it is even illegal to do so. But coming in for a drunk and inebriated tattoo session is disrespectful to the tattoo artists and everyone in the studio on so many levels.

Moreover, it can even be dangerous for a client to get a tattoo while intoxicated; alcohol dilutes and thins the blood, which can lead to excessive bleeding during tattooing, and even after tattooing. Not to mention that being drunk will make you restless and restless in the tattoo chair, which increases the chances of mistakes.

The best thing clients can do is to avoid alcohol at least a few days before the tattoo appointment and several days after the tattoo. Not to mention that the consumption of alcohol on the day of the appointment is strictly prohibited.

10. Eating during the session

Each client is encouraged to have a snack during the mid-tattoo break. However, eating during the session can be rude and distracting for the tattoo artist. First, the smell of food can be off-putting. In addition, food and crumbs can invade you, which can even compromise the tattoo itself. The environment around the tattoo should be clean and hygienic, so put away your sandwich until the break.

11. Hurry the tattoo artist to work faster

Some people are just impatient and want the tattoo done as soon as possible. But, even the simplest tattoo takes time, which is something every client should keep in mind before getting a tattoo.

So rushing the tattoo artist to work faster is extremely rude. It’s something that not only tattoo artists hate, but also everyone in the world who tries to do a good job (especially when working on people). Would you rush a surgeon to do an operation? No, you wouldn’t. So, rushing a person to stick a needle in the skin is something that will not help anyone.

12. Not tipping the tattoo artist

Every type of time-consuming, creative, and difficult work deserves a tip; tattooing is no exception. People who don’t tip their tattoo artists are considered quite disrespectful. Someone has just created a masterpiece on your skin, so tipping is the least you can do.

Each customer is expected to tip between 15% and 25% of the total cost of the tattoo. Tipping shows the customer’s appreciation for the work, effort, and overall experience. So, customers who don’t tip is something that every tattoo artist really hates.

13. Not following the aftercare routine (and blaming the tattoo artist for the consequences)

After the tattoo is complete, each tattoo artist will provide their clients with detailed aftercare instructions. These instructions will help the client during the tattoo healing process and prevent it from causing potential infection.

Now, some clients don’t listen to their tattoo artists and often end up with rash, bleeding, swelling and other tattoo issues. Then they blame the tattoo artist for “not doing a good job” and create a huge problem. These types of people are probably some of the most hated in the tattoo community. Blaming a tattoo artist for the consequences of your lack of tattoo care is a no-no!

Final Thoughts

The tattoo tag is there for a reason. Without certain rules, people would do whatever they want in tattoo studios. So, as customers, what we can all do is make sure to make things easier for your hardworking and dedicated tattoo artists.

Behaving decently, arriving clean and shaven, without a whole group of friends is not asking too much. So the next time you decide to go get a tattoo, think about these things that tattoo artists hate and try to avoid them. It shouldn’t be difficult, and as a result, you’ll have a great experience and a stronger bond with your tattoo artist.

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