What Could the Fitbit Charge 4 Feature?

What Could the Fitbit Charge 4 Feature?

Fitbit Charge 4 is expected to be available to the public at some point in 2020. Charge 4 would be the latest model in Fitbit’s most distinct line of fitness trackers.

The Charge line has evolved to include many unique features, so it’s clear that Charge 4 would have some new things all the same. But it is unclear as to what the Charge 4 would feature, let alone when it would be available.

This listing of things that could be featured on the Fitbit Charge 4 is only speculative, and it does not in any way guarantee that these things will be in that product. But they’re all evolutions that deserve notice.

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What Could the Fitbit Charge 4 Feature? 1

What Will the Display Feature?

The Charge 3 features a larger OLED display that is easy to read. But the display is still grayscale. There’s a chance the next display will feature a full-color layout.

An always-on screen option may also be available on the Charge 4. The option should be something the user can adjust, but it does make for something a little more convenient.

Battery Point

Charge 3 has a battery life of about seven days. Expect the Charge 4 to have a slightly larger battery that can last a little longer.

Onboard GPS Support

A GPS feature should appear on Charge 4. The lack of an onboard GPS feature is the most prominent issue surrounding the current Charge model. The onboard setup would work without having to use one’s phone alongside the Charge to track one’s location with a GPS layout.

Improved Functionality with More Chargers

Current Charge models use distinct charging units that Fitbit makes. The issue is that a person who doesn’t have the appropriate charger on hand won’t be able to charge one’s model elsewhere. The Charge 4 should hopefully feature support through a standard USB-C port for charging in more places. A wireless charging option may also work, especially as that standard becomes visible.

Heart Rate Enhancements

The current Charge model can review a user’s heart rate. One idea for the Charge 4 is to look at heart rate variability. The review can note how the heart rate changes based on stress levels and other actions. Such a sensor might help people with controlling themselves and finding ways to rest and keep their bodies in check when they are stressed.

NFC For All

Select versions of the Charge 3 come with NFC support. The Near Field Communication standard makes it easier for people to make mobile payments. The NFC setup should be standard on all Charge 4 models, especially as the technology becomes more prominent throughout the world.

A Better Strap

There’s also the possibility that the Charge 4 may feature a better strap. The plastic band on the Charge 3 felt bothersome, and it cost extra to get a leather or silicone band. Expect the Charge 4 to have something a little nicer, or at least a build that won’t feel tight or chafe all that much.