What Color Tint is Best for Light Sensitivity?

Light sensitivity is a very serious condition, and the search for a way out can prove very daunting. This condition is common for people suffering from migraines, vertigo, low vision, visual stress, blepharospasm, computer vision syndrome (CVS), etc. There are numerous claims of solutions, but none seem to really live up to expectations.

Thanks to scientific research, it has been discovered that eyeglasses with color tints such as FL-41 tint can help those with light sensitivity. However, some make the mistake of thinking that regular sunglasses would help out. And others do not just know what color tint is the best since there are a lot of them. Below, you will find out all there is to know about light sensitivity and which color tint works best for the condition.

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Importance of Color Tint for Light Sensitivity?

Every day, we expose our eyes to different degrees of light. While this may not be a problem for many, others become uncomfortable when exposed to certain light rays. They are those with a condition known as light sensitivity or photophobia. Color tints are essential in helping you optimize your vision. They make you see better and reduce discomfort as a result of light.

Color tints act specifically depending on the issue you have with your eyes, and they affect your ability to see objects via the lens precisely, that is, the visual acuity. They enhance how your eyes perceive depth and minimize the fatigue your eyes feel. Therefore, your ability to look at colors and contrasts is improved, and distortion is greatly reduced.

Additionally, color tints protect your eyes against harmful lights such as blue light emitted from your computer and gadget screens. They also improve your ability to see better in environments with low light, as well as glaring light. Getting the right color tint for any environment is very important in optimizing your vision perfectly for the situation.

Analyzing the Best Color Tint for Light Sensitivity

Determining the color tint for an environment or condition may not always be straightforward. Certain environments or applications such as welding require a specific color tint. That is why the situation must be analyzed to get the most comfort and performance.

Where do you spend most of your time? Do you find it difficult to fall asleep? Have you been diagnosed with any condition? These are some of the questions you may have to find answers to before determination. You may even have to try different colors before getting which one is best for you. It is essential to understand why you’re getting the tinted eyeglasses.

However, if your case is light sensitivity, then the best tint for you is the FL-41. Clinical studies have proven that the FL-41 tint helps those with photophobia. It gives relief and affords them optimal protection against light. This tint works by blocking specific problem-causing wavelengths to reduce migraines, headaches, eye pain, vertigo, and other symptoms.

Research and Findings

Research in the 1990s featured FL-41 glasses being worn by children suffering from migraines. It was discovered that these children developed better light sensitivity and experienced a reduction in migraine headaches. Since then, more researches have been carried out, and more discoveries have been made. Another study compared the FL-41 with a gray tint, and they discovered that FL-41 reduced sensitivity to fluorescent light and sunlight.

According to research, the most harmful wavelength of light for those with light sensitivity is estimated at around 480nm. These wavelengths are close to blue and green, which are colors believed to cause problems for sensitive individuals. FL-41 tint filters out this wavelength and improves visual acuity, sharpness, and contrast.

Any lenses can be produced with an addition of the FL-41 tint if it does not already come with other coatings such as scratch coats, hard coats, other shades, anti-reflective treatments, or UV filters. However, these other filters and layers can be added after coating with FL-41 tint. The tint can come in either light or dark variant. The dark variant is done on a CR-39 plastic, while light can be applied to any material.

The FL-41 tint has no side effects, and it can be worn anywhere, either indoors or outdoors, although you may need a different one for both situations.

Why Not Use Sunglasses?

Regular sunglasses will not offer the same excellent solution as FL-41 tints. That is because managing the inconvenience that comes with bright lights may not be as simple as it appears. It requires a careful balance between reducing the light sensitivity without disturbing the normal amount of light you’re supposed to get for you to see clearly.

Sunglasses are made for use outside; hence, using them comes with a lot of difficulties. Also, they block all the light that is supposed to enter your eyes. This can be a problem if your vision is already low. They also do not relieve you from symptoms like FL-41 tint. FL-41 tints are equally effective when used outside, inside, or in front of electronics. 


Light sensitivity is a condition that disturbs people’s vision, but the FL-41 tint is an effective solution that helps them correct the situation over time. Researches have proven it the best as more findings continue. This color tint is also better than sunglasses, which is not ideal for some situations and do not alleviate the symptoms.

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