What Are Cross Tattoos?

What Are Cross Tattoos?

For those with Christian roots, the cross is a very important icon. So it’s no surprise that crosses are the most popular type of tattoo. They are not only beautiful to look at, but also speak volumes about the beliefs and values of the person who has them.

Here are some other interesting things about cross tattoos. I’m sure you’re intrigued and want to know more about the meanings behind cross tattoos, so let’s take a look.

Cross tattoos are found on so many people, it’s hard to even count how many of them have them. It can be said that most Americans hold on to their crosses at least a little bit. When someone comes across one of these pieces of artwork, they are not surprised, nor are they astonished.

cross tattoos

Christian cross tattoos

Christian cross tattoos were designed by both Christians and atheists as long as time has existed. The crosses are actually the most common type of cross tattoos around. But there are also Christian and Pagan crosses that can be seen.

Not all crosses have religious meaning though. Many times the cross tattoo was used as a simple means of getting a name or symbol to identify an individual as a member of a certain group. This was mostly done by members of the military when the sign was used in lieu of having to wear a name tag.


Because the cross was a symbol that was taken from many different cultures. The meanings of cross tattoos have varied a great deal throughout the years. At times the cross can be a symbol for the passing of knowledge. In other cases, it can be simply a means of identification and expression.

Religious significance

Of course, most cross tattoos are not meant to have any religious significance whatsoever. The Christian cross is the most common type of cross. It’s even a more popular name than it is a symbol. People who use crosses for their personal identification often are not practicing Christians at all.

While the Christian cross is a popular symbol, it is not necessarily the most popular type of cross. There are other types of crosses that are not necessarily representative of any specific religion. But instead, represent all that is good in life.

The different types of crosses available can be confusing to many people. Especially those that are not familiar with them. Just like any other tattoo design, the designs of cross tattoos are generally going to be based on what the artist wants to express.

Images and styles

There are lots of images and styles available that are based on various images of cross tattoos. If you want to find out what the real meaning of the cross tattoo is, it’s important to know which designs are based on Christian crosses and which ones are based on Pagan crosses.

The crosses found on the body are very symbolic and have had very long meaning for those who get them tattooed. It’s easy to see why cross tattoos are a popular choice.

cross tattoos

Remember, there are many different types of cross tattoos available. Many people choose to get cross tattoos because of the symbolism behind them, and others choose them because of their personal beliefs.

Cross tattoos for men

Cross tattoos for men are among the most popular designs. Cross tattoos are extremely popular, and they represent many different things in different cultures. Some of the popular reasons that people get cross tattoos for men are for religious reasons, body art, or to symbolize an affinity for death.

When you see a cross tattoo for men on the bodies of men who are not Catholic, then you are more likely to know that it is supposed to be for the religion of Jesus Christ. When you see a cross tattoo for men and it represents a cross-referencing Christian religious faith, then you will most likely find out that the person who tattooed the tattoo had strong Christian convictions.

Cross tattoos for women

Cross tattoos for women have become a popular fashion statement. They are meant to be feminine and sensual and the combination of a feminine shape with the simple colors used in the design creates a wonderful feminine image. Of course, tattooing crosses for women are also becoming more popular as a way to express individuality and independence. Many women also wish to have a tattoo that is not only beautiful but also indicative of their feelings about their past relationships or about their family members. For these reasons, cross tattoos for women have increased greatly in popularity.

cross tattoos for women

Tattoos for women

There are many reasons why cross tattoos for women are becoming so popular. First of all, it is a way to show that you love yourself and that you can wear whatever you want. It does not have to make you feel like a little girl again. Secondly, it shows the world that you are independent and do not need anyone else to look up to. You can be yourself and let your tattoos speak for themselves. Finally, it is a great expression of self-confidence. Women who have tattoos like this look strong and dignified because they are showing the world that they are bold and powerful and that they have their own beliefs and opinions about things.

You can find all kinds of cross tattoos for women on the internet, but there are some factors to keep in mind before you decide to go with a certain website. Remember that there are many different styles and many different body types. It would be foolish to think that one tattoo is going to fit all. Also, the designs that are offered on the internet vary greatly from one site to another. So be sure to check with several sites and then compare the results. If there is a pattern that seems to be very popular, then you may want to consider getting that tattoo done.

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