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Wet Shaving Using a spotless Razor

The use of a sharp razor for wet shaving is not a new concept, it has been around for centuries. In fact dare I say it has been around for more than hundred years. What has changed in the last hundred years that has led to the introduction of wet shaving as an acceptable method of shaving?

To answer that question we have to return to early cultures that had this functional language for dealing with the natural world. The closest historical analog to wet shaving was certainly the Udettes, a women band in France in the 18th century who used a straight razor for shaving. They also plundered and carved these beautifully constructed long handled blades from shells. Esthetic as the dullest razor ever made, wasn’t made by a plumber, but by a carver. A plumber does not specialize in blades. They specialize in getting the job done.

Wet Shaving
Wet Shaving

Invention Of The Razor Blade

In the span of time when men were largely seen as forward, mobile, and forceful, (ppy!) the use of a razor blade for shaving brought forth a new found courage in the wearer as well as a Bonus confidence. This razor blade was not meant to shave dry skin, but to shave wet skin. Women would shave their legs, but not their underarms. And men would shave their faces, but not their chests or backs.

This was all done with the user’s own tools, and without the help of any machines. The development of the razor blade took some time, but it was not long enough for it to become famous invention. For centuries before the masses of men, women, and children, shaved using nothing but a straight razor for shaving. It was the expensive job that enabled the razor manufacturers to market their luxury razor blades.

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The Quality Bureau

The sharpening of razor blades is what sets apart razors from each other. For this same reason, the sharpening rods are also referred to as quality rods. There are plenty of high-end and expensive razor blades out there, but you don’t have to spend so much money just to master a few simple techniques.

There are five Motors offered for the convenience of the user. There’s the older style of the coil, the nylon reinforced coil, the magnesium reinforced coil, and the titanium reinforced coil. Only the last two styles are applicable to the user’s razor. The coils are simply heated up when the razor is wet, and then sliced off like the scissors in a scissors store. The metal is then bent and Sometimes it looks wavy!

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The reason that the blades sounds so noisy when in use is mainly just a function of the razor coils being heated up so hot. You can use amonde ring light or a thinning element to reduce the noise, but it’s not necessary if the razor bleeds naturally. Another thing to consider if your razor bleeds is whether the blade is of average length. If the blade is too long, the cleaning rods will have trouble sticking to the razor bleeds. Instead of spreading the razor juice all over the skin, the blades will lash out more than necessary to clean up the leftover powder.

Soap doesn’t just lift away the powder residue from the razor blades and their remains on the skin. Powder residue is currently the biggest problem with soap. Soap that is heavily soap based will leave a layer of thicker soap adhering to the area where the razor blade meets the soap. This will clog the razor blades and the soap will replace the sharp blade buildup.In order to avoid this buildup, you should wet the armpits of the razor blemish with an astringent before beginning the shaving. This will remove most of the soap and the sharpness from the blade. It also allows the blade to move easier when shaving.


the neck of the Gillette Fusion is a double-bladed razor, which consists of two heads designed to cut andthicken the hairs. Despite its unassuming appearance, the Fusion is a valuable investment.

5 card:

The Five-card straightener is a beauty favorite that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are mini, standard, herbbed, zippered and trim. The minuscule bit in the handle is designed to secure a Philips trimmer, sold at Amazon for $TC Tools.

There are five tools in this set, but only one is essential for grooming. The Philips trimmer sold at Amazon is not only sold there, it is also being sold on Amazon. I just hope that those of you who have problems with controlling the tweezers won’t be discouraged by this latest set of tools.

There are five essential tools for any barber or stylist: A comb, hair dryer with attachments, a razor with new blades and a hold-all for the tools.

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