Were The Los Angeles Lakers Secretly Practicing On A Staples Center Replica Court?

With the NBA season on hold, players have found their own ways to stay in shape. As the league nears recovery on July 30, some players are taking action. Of course, detention practices in recent months would have been contrary to the NBA protocol, so no player posts on social media if he practices. Still, it’s fun to theorize who could do it.

Among these players are LeBron James and some of his Los Angeles Lakers teammates. In a recent episode of the Bill Simmons podcast, guard JJ Redick of the Simmons and the New Orleans Pelicans spoke of the Lakers who potentially trained in “the home of the wealthy at Bel Air”.

This house belongs to Steven jackson, CEO of shoe manufacturer ACI International. Jackson is not only a prolific businessman, he is also a big fan of the Lakers. So much so that he built a replica of the Staples Center in his garden.

It’s not just a beautiful courtyard – Jackson went to great lengths to design the replica. It is decorated with Lakers Championship banners on one base wall and game jerseys on the other base wall. The house also includes changing rooms, weights rooms, hammams, a tennis court, a cinema room, a bowling alley and a games room.

Just for good measure, Jackson also owns the house next door. The response is so perfect, the visiting teams often train there during road trips to play the Lakers or the Clippers.

These practices during the season comply with the rules of the league. But during the coronavirus pandemic, the league banned all team practice before July 9.

Steven Jackson Bel Air House

If these rumors are true, James and his teammates have been training for weeks on this field. It’s a smart move – the Lakers are the title favorites, but the shortened regular season levels the playing field. Eight league games may not be enough to get the teams back on track before the playoffs.

And it is very likely that other teams have also done this in secret. Anonymous sources shared as much. Players who do not have excellent gyms or courts at home can sneak in to take photos or train in a closed gym. The NBA probably can’t do much for any of these workouts, unless definitive evidence comes out.

In addition, with the resumption of the season at the end of the month, they have much greater concerns.


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