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Weight loss blogs: Six best weight loss sites in 2017

Weight loss blogs: Six best weight loss sites in 2017

Weight loss blogs Losing weight is obviously a difficult task. We need some inspiration before to lose some weight apart from that you have to confront your body with healthy food choices. That’s is why you defiantly need some inspiration as well as some tips where you can execute.

At tips clear, we have compiled some inspiring weight loss blogs, which has stories, tips, workouts and more to lose your weight. You can follow these six best weight loss blogs to lose your weight and get a perfect shape.

Six Best weight loss blogs

Andie Mitchell

Andie Mitchell is one of the best blog, which produces many posts on how to lose your weight. You can see many recipes and get some inspiration to lose your weight. If you hover over to the weight loss section of this site, you will find a post “My 135-pound weight loss story” is by far the inspiring story to lose your weight.

Weight loss blogs

Authentically Emmie

Authentically Emmie is a plus size blogger who blogs about the health. She often says that being plus size does not mean that you are unhealthy. Here in this blog, Emily stresses on the positivity and good health. She got everything covered on her blog, and you can find out some great tips to stay healthy and fit.

Yum Yucky

She is another blogger who empowered herself by losing weight. In this yum yucky blog, she shares all the tips and feelings, which helped her to loss weight. She mostly writes about the foods you have to take to stay in shape and focuses on the exercises and workouts. Apart from these, she designs routines to the hip-hop songs.

Cranky Fitness

Cranky Fitness is a blog, which is sharing fitness tips from past ten years. Jan Graham is a life and wellness coach who blogs about the fitness tips and weight loss tricks. She always has a funny tone in her writing, and she is having informative information on her blog. This is one of the must visit the blog if you are looking out for fitness.

Run Eat Repeat

Run Eat Repeat is another best weight loss blog. Monica Olivas maintain this blog; she always says how to control your calories. Usually, running help, you get healthy and fit, but at the same time, it makes you hungry. That is the reason why Monica Olivas mostly write about controlling calories. She has followed some routines while her weight loss journey. In one of her most recent posts, she was in the process of looking at Waist Line Trainer to see if purchasing one of these waist trainers speeds up her weight loss, she is sharing all those tips on her blog to inspire others and make them lose weight.

No thanks to the cake

No thanks to cake is another decent weight loss blog you should follow in 2017. Here you can see Kelly’s weight loss journey. In her weight loss journey, she said “no” to all unhealthy foods to shape her body. Her story has featured in lots of blogs and media sites in health and fitness column. So following here can be helpful to you in losing your weight.


These six weight loss blogs are our top picks. What do you think about these weight loss blogs? Do you believe that we had missed any favorite weight loss blogs in this list? If so, you can quickly share that blog in the comment section. We will have a glance at it, and we will update them later.

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