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Weed Eater – The Power Machete of Garden Tools

I was one of the original buyers of the green grass eater models when they first came out over 20 years ago. The little green car was a marvel, it hit the grass weeds and everything that hindered me; I was the weed control ninja.

After all those years, the small green car eventually left her when the power coupling for the rope head broke. Able to start and run but not send energy to the rope head, he was picked up on the old tool shelf in hopes of bringing some money to eBay

I recently bought a new Rayobi herb eater from Lowes about a month ago and all I can say is HOLY COW this thing must have 2 CV and it’s a monster. It makes the little green grass eater look like a children’s toy.

Pieces of grass, earth and rocks fly at high speed from this child’s double rope head. My weeds just want to be able to uproot and run when I approach the Rayobi Power Weed Machete monster.

Since flying debris is the norm, safety glasses are your number one concern when running a new gas-powered herb eater such as Rayobi. I have a new pair of Carhart-style safety sunglasses and they really do their job.

The next indispensable safety garment is a good pair of work boots and the third safety requirement is a heavy pair of jeans to prevent pieces of grass, earth and rocks from hitting the legs. Occasionally I still feel the sting of a piece of rock or weed in my jeans, so I would also say that the chaps to cover your jeans would not be out of the question when performing your new powerful weed eater.

Gloves are optional when using a grass eater. Actually I prefer the best grip I get without gloves and since my hands are away from the rotating head of the weed eater, there is no problem with not wearing gloves. If you have a new powerful model like my Rayobi, be sure to keep your safety protection in place on your power head.

The Rayobi also has a blade to replace the brush cutter. It works well but I don’t like to use it as a protection that must be installed for the blade, it only allows a small number of degrees of the blade which is exposed for cutting.

This limits the effectiveness of the blades and attempts to use the blade without the guard in place. I would never recommend it, so I just use the dual string head for my use. Cut almost everything I encounter, except the largest of the brush on my property. Usually I pull them up with a chain and my four-wheel drive jeep.

If you’re still using one of the older models such as the old green-headed herb eater, switch to one of the newer larger and very powerful units like the Rayobi from the bottom. You will strike terror in the weed population and complete your job in half the time.

by Richard Kitsmiller

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