Wednesday deal roundup: $18 smart LED light strip, $20 bidet, $13 folding Qi stand and more

Hi everyone, a quick note on promo codes: in the past few weeks, a handful of really sexy deals (phone stand, sports earbuds, survival kit) seemed to be gone within minutes of my posting. This can happen for a number of reasons, but trust me when I say I understand how frustrating it is. I will redouble my efforts with Amazon sellers to ensure that: a) they have a generous amount of inventory; and b) the promo code is not terminated for any arbitrary reason.

Even then, there are factors that are beyond my control. As always, I appreciate your understanding when things go sideways and your patience as I try to clear them up. Thank you!

I’m bringing this up because, as fate would have it, most of today’s offers come through Amazon – and all of them for a limited time and while supplies last.


Amazon seller: Soliom Solar Security

Price: $ 111.30 with 5% off coupon and coupon code on the side 85MNHF3N

Do you need to keep an eye on nature? The new Wyze Cam Outdoor is a great, affordable camera for this, but the Soliom security camera has some important advantages. For starters, it’s solar powered, which means you’ll never have to bother with charging – never.

Second, the camera can pan and tilt, which gives you a much wider field of view. It has both white and infrared LEDs for optimal (and colored!) Night photography. And unlike the Wyze Cam, no hub is required.

Here’s my problem: the Soliom software doesn’t allow you to schedule the motion detection feature to be turned on and off. I think that is an important option. If you do too, look elsewhere. However, on most other counts this is a solid outdoor camera and pretty compelling at the price.


Amazon seller: Dalmo Direct

Price: $ 19.49 with promo code OAJGS563

I remain a staunch bidet convert, and while it’s nice to have features like a heated seat and dry fan, these make prices skyrocket. Dalmo’s option is a simple two-face affair that should work with any potty you have. At this price, the money you save at TP quickly makes up for the cost.


Amazon seller: BDCollection

Price: $ 13.19 with 5% off the coupon and coupon code on the side WCPDMFI789

What’s better than a Qi charging stand for only $ 13? A Qi charging stand that folds flat to become a Qi charging station – also for $ 13. I love that: keep it upright to use on your desk or bedside table, fold it up for on the go, or whenever a stand isn’t the preferred option.

Note, however, that you need to provide your own energy. The device comes with a cable, but the USB socket is yours. (Here’s a 2-pack of Quick Charge 3.0 chargers for less than $ 10 if you haven’t got a drawer full.)


Amazon seller: Govee US

Price: $ 17.99 with coupon code Tips Clear6159

I’ve written a lot about these things, and every time there is a deal, readers take advantage of it. So here we are again: This version of Govee’s LED light strip doesn’t have a handheld remote, it relies on Wi-Fi to pair with your phone and, if available, your favorite smart speaker. (“Alexa, turn on the theater lights.”)

Do you want a double To get two 16.4-foot strips for $ 33.99 with the $ 5 coupon and coupon code on the side Tips Clear6142.

With both versions you can create different scenes, choose from tens of colors and even let the lights pulsate with the music. I’m a fan of strips like this one for oblique lighting behind a TV. Regardless of your deployment, this will cost $ 18 (or $ 34).

Daily steals

Price: $ 129.99 with coupon code Tips ClearCHAIR

Home office equipment has been in high demand lately for obvious reasons. This particular chair sells for $ 219 at Overstock, so the Daily Steals deal is a bargain.

It is optionally available in brown or dark brown. It is height and incline adjustable and comes with a lumbar support pillow (which actually doesn’t seem to be included in the overstock version). It looks like leather in the photos, but the material is actually suede. Nice alternative to the usual boring black office chairs.

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