[ad_1] Weight loss Things one can do to stay fit in summer

Mar 28, 2024

BY: ET Online

Weight loss Things one can do to stay fit in summer

Choose healthy drinks for hyderation

We wish to sip water or other aerated drinks straight from the refrigerator during the hot weather. However, substitute nimbu paani, coconut water, chaach, buttermilk, etc. for the sweetened sodas.

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Including exercise in your regular routine can enhance your general wellbeing and have numerous health benefits.

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Spicy food

Eating spicy food makes you feel fuller for longer than eating plain or sweet food. Still, everything is beneficial in moderation.

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Natural herbs

Superfood extracts and herbal teas are proven to provide a host of health advantages. For instance, the antioxidants in green tea help increase your metabolism and combat oxidative stress.

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Sip on coffee

You will lose all the health benefits of coffee if you add caramel or whipped cream to your cold coffee. A single cup of coffee is sufficient for the day; otherwise, the effects wear off.

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A good sleeping routine

Sleeping seven to eight hours a night is advised to help with weight loss efforts.

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Drink juices

Juices are loaded with nutrients and vitamins that improve our health. They are also an excellent means of avoiding the heat. But make sure the liquids you're using are fresh, not from a can or package.

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Healthy snacking

While it's commonly advised against snacking when trying to lose weight, making healthy snack choices can help you reach your fitness objectives.

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Plan your meals for the day

It's critical to have a regular eating plan and refrain from skipping meals. Missing meals can have a detrimental effect on how well your body burns calories.

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