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Feb 14, 2024

Weight loss: Never weigh yourself during these 6 times

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Losing weight?

Many of us who are on the weight loss journey tend to weigh ourselves twice or even thrice a day, but may notice that the numbers are not quite the same.

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Don't measure

Fluctuating numbers in the weighing scale may make us worried and disappointed. Here are the times you should absolutely not weigh yourself.

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After long flight

Avoid weighing yourselt after a four-hour or longer flight. Travelling may lead to an imbalance in bodily fluids and electrolytes, which may result in a slight increase in weight.

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After workout

Steer clear of the weighing machine after spending hours in the gym. Because of the fluid loss from the body, the reading will never be correct.

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Week before period

Weight gain is common among women who are menstruating. Period-related hormonal changes add a few extra grammes to the body, making the scale fluctuate.

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If you are constipated

A temporary increase in weight can result from constipation. Don't panic; once things are regular, the scale will return to normal.

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After having this food

Consuming foods high in salt, such as sushi, causes the body to retain water, which affects the scale's reading.

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On a summer day

We gain water weight in the summer because our kidneys try to store more fluid in the body. It is likely that you will gain some water weight.

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