[ad_1] Weight loss: Best low calorie drinks one can enjoy guilt free

Feb 22, 2024

Weight loss: Best low calorie drinks one can enjoy guilt free

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Drinking more water is one of the best recommendations for anyone trying to lose weight, as it can help with dehydration which causes poor energy and sluggishness.

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Green tea

It also contains caffeine, which studies suggest may aid in fat burning and raise resting metabolic rate.

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Protein shakes

Consuming protein shakes as part of your diet might increase your sense of fullness and help you better control how much you eat.

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Black tea

Black tea, like green tea, is abundant in antioxidants, particularly polyphenols, which lower your chance of obesity.

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You can enjoy unsweetened coffee as a low-calorie beverage without increasing the amount of sugar or calories in your regular diet.

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Probiotics that are good for the gut can be found in kefir, a fermented dairy product. Because of their involvement in insulin resistance, inflammation, and fat accumulation, probiotics have been demonstrated to help people lose weight and reduce belly fat.

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Unlike other beverages, these are bubbly and delicious without having a lot of added sugar or calories.

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Apple cider vinegar

It might prolong the sense of fullness by slowing down the rate at which food leaves the stomach.

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Sparkling water

A delicious substitute for sugar-filled carbonated drinks is sparkling water, which has neither added sugar nor calories. It's also an excellent alternative to juice and other sugary drinks because it comes in a range of flavors.

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