[ad_1] Valentine's Week Explained: When is Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day?
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Valentine's Week Explained: When is Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day?

Feb 5, 2024

Why do we celebrate Valentine's week?

It draws inspiration from the legend of a Christian martyr, Saint Valentine, who reportedly performed marriages for soldiers in secret after Emperor Claudius II banned marriage for young men, believing that single men made better soldiers.

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Rose Day-Feb 7

The week of love commences with Rose Day, where lovers exchange roses as a symbol of affection and admiration.

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Propose Day-Feb 8

Following Rose Day, Propose Day is an opportunity for individuals to express their feelings and propose to their beloved ones.

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Chocolate Day-Feb 9

Chocolate Day adds sweetness to relationships as partners exchange chocolates to signify their love and appreciation.

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Teddy Day-Feb 10

Teddy Day, falling on February 10th, involves the gifting of teddy bears, which are cherished tokens of love, comfort, and companionship.

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Promise Day-Feb 11

On Promise Day, couples reaffirm their commitments and make promises to stand by each other through thick and thin.

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Hug Day-Feb 12

Hug Day encourages individuals to embrace their loved ones warmly, conveying support, affection, and reassurance.

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Kiss Day-Feb 13

Kiss Day allows partners to express their deep affection through the universal gesture of love, a kiss.

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Valentine's Day-Feb 14

Valentine's Day on February 14th is a time for couples to celebrate their love, devotion, and companionship.

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Slap Day-Feb 15

Some observe Slap Day on February 15th, a lighthearted occasion where friends playfully slap each other to release tension and add humor to the week.

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