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april 27, 2024


Top 10 superpower based K-dramas

Pratyusha Dash

Image Credits- tvN

He Is Psychometric 

A man with the ability to read minds upon physical contact joins forces with his foster guardian, a prosecutor, to combat crime using his unique gift for the greater good

Bong Soon, gifted with extraordinary strength, becomes the bodyguard of Min Hyuk, who falls for her. She becomes torn between him and her childhood crush, Guk Doo

Image Credits- JTBC

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

A high school student gains the power to read memories through touch and becomes a detective, using his gift to solve crimes

Image Credits- tvN


Two strangers meet and join forces to capture the mysterious Barcode Killer, known for leaving barcodes on all victims and threatening further attacks

Image Credits- SBS

A Girl Who Sees Smells

A band of supernaturally gifted teenagers clashes with strong governments worldwide, wielding their extraordinary abilities in a battle for survival

Image Credits- Disney+


Three individuals gifted with precognition unite forces to avoid calamities and dismantle a corrupt lawyer's schemes

Image Credits- SBS

While You Were Sleeping

Demon hunters disguise themselves as noodle shop workers to ensnare evil spirits seeking eternal life

The Uncanny Counter

Image Credits- OCN

A school nurse, gifted with the ability to see monsters invisible to others, must shield high school students from these supernatural threats

Image Credits- Netflix

The School Nurse Files

Yoo So Joon, CEO of a real estate firm, time-travels whenever he rides the subway. Faced with a premonition of his death, he weds a photographer in a bid to change his fate

Tomorrow, With You

Image Credits- tvN

Two high school students with contrasting personalities unite to combat the forces of darkness endangering their school

The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim

Image Credits- Kakao TV