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Feb 17, 2024

Tips to make a small room look bigger

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Soft, light colours

Light, cool colours create an open, airy feeling, while dark, warm colours make a space feel intimate and cozy.

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No clutter

Having too much stuff is the No.1 way to make a small space feel even more claustrophobic. Determine how to arrange items so they are out of sight.

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Natural light

Well-lit rooms appear larger than they actually are. Let the natural light from the outside enter the room by opening the windows.

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Judicious use

Making use of translucent materials will elongate any space. A glass top dining or coffee table with a strong base will give the space a lighter feel.

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Reflective surfaces

Use an oversized framed mirror against a wall or place one on the wall. With more style, you'll achieve the same room-enlarging effect as a mirrored wall.

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Big and few

Instead of using several small pieces, which can make a small space appear cluttered, opt for a few large, simple pieces of furniture or accessories.

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Airy fabrics

Light can seep through tablecloths, bed skirts, and window treatments made of sheer fabrics.

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Simple and light

The key to small spaces is editing. A room will feel more cluttered the more objects, items, and patterns you have in it.

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