[ad_1] These Indian dishes are among the world's best donuts
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These Indian dishes are among the world's best donuts

Feb 18, 2024

11 Indian treats are stealing the spotlight

Taste Atlas, a well-known food and travel guide, just dropped a list of the world's top 164 donuts. 11 Indian treats made the cut in the global donut rankings.

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Achappam (Rank: 39)

Rose Cookies from Kerala and Tamil Nadu, crafted with love using a unique mold called "achu." The batter dance involves rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, and maybe a hint of eggs.

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Gulab Jamun (Rank: 44)

This beloved Indian dessert is like deep-fried poetry. Khoya or mawa transforms into dough, morphs into small, golden balls, takes a crispy dip, and finally waltzes in a rose-scented syrup.

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Pantua (Rank: 59)

A dessert from Bengal which is soft, and spherical. It is made up of khoya, chhena, flour, and baking powder. Dive into warm sugar syrup for the full experience.

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Khaja (Rank: 71)

A traditional treat, Khaja boasts a doughy blend of flour, sugar, and ghee, deep-fried till golden perfection.

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Boondi (Rank: 79)

Rajasthan's gift to our taste buds, Boondi takes thick besan batter on a journey through hot oil, creating tiny, fried droplets. A sweet sugar syrup bath follows.

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Malpua (Rank: 113)

A dessert pancake from India's heart, Malpua flaunts a deep-fried avatar made from a batter of rice flour, thickened milk, and a hint of cardamom.

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Chiroti (Rank: 115)

A traditional South Indian delight, Chiroti harmonises flour, ghee, salt, sugar, rice flour, and cardamom powder into a sweet symphony.

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Arisa Pitha (Rank: 119)

A traditional Indian pancake, Arisa Pitha brings together rice flour, sesame seeds, jaggery, sugar, ghee, and oil for a delightful treat.

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Chandrakanthalu (Rank: 141)

An Andhra Pradesh classic, Chandrakanthalu is a cookie crafted with green gram, sugar, coconut, cardamom, saffron, cashew nuts, and ghee.

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Karanji (Rank: 125)

A crescent-shaped pastry that waltzes straight from Maharashtra. Delicate dough, coconut, cardamom, and crushed nuts – a symphony in every bite.

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Chavde (Rank: 156)

A crispy, round-shaped delight, Chavde treats us to a fragrant mix of roasted coconut, cardamom, sesame seeds, and sugar.

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