Spice up your style with a layered pixie cut. Tap further to see why it's the top hair trend in 2024!

01: Brunette Wixie Cut

Try the brunette wixie cut for a soft, full look with wispy layers.

02: Platinum-Toned Layered Long Pixie

Platinum long pixie styles sleek with blow-dry and volume powder. Consult your stylist.

03: Bright Copper Pixie

Opt for a vibrant copper pixie with layers for easy styling and volume, ideal for fair, neutral, or warm undertones.

04: Feathered Pixie with a Side Bang

A blonde pixie with long bangs adds volume; dry cutting gives it a flirty edge.

05: Brown Pixie Cut with Layers

A layered pixie cut offers swoop and texture, ideal for thick hair as it reduces weight. Thinning ensures a flatter fit.