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Simple ways to please Lord Shiva throughout the year

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Mar 8, 2024


Practice chanting "Om Namah Shivaya". This Panchakshari mantra, is a powerful way to connect with Lord Shiva. Recite it with devotion and focus.

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Embrace Monday Worship

Mondays are considered auspicious for Lord Shiva. Visit a Shiva temple on Mondays, offer prayers, and participate in rituals.

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Offer Bel Patra

Bel leaves are particularly sacred to Lord Shiva. Offering them during prayers or puja is a simple yet significant way to express devotion.

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Embrace a Simple Life

Lord Shiva is depicted as living simply. Following a simple and disciplined lifestyle is a way to please him.

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Practice Self-Control

Shiva is known for his composure and self-control. Cultivating these qualities through meditation, yoga, and mindful living can be a way to connect with his essence.

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Embrace Purity

Maintaining physical and mental purity is valued in Shiva worship. Practicing good hygiene and striving for inner purity through meditation are required.

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Recite Shiva Purana

Reading or listening to scriptures like the Shiva Purana or stories about Lord Shiva's life and deeds can deepen your understanding and devotion.

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Devotees sometimes observe fasts on Mondays or during the holy month of Shravan (usually in July-August) dedicated to Lord Shiva.

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