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april 27, 2024


Reasons to rewatch Something In The Rain

Tanya Saxena

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Son Ye Jin

Catch Son Ye Jin in one of her best roles, she portrays a woman who is strong but melts with the ones she loves, her character will make you fall in love with the drama once again

It’s time to rewatch Something In The Rain because Jung Hae In as a romantic hero is what everyone needs now and then, his endearing smiles combined with his irresistible charm

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Jung Hae In

As summers approach it is time to drench oneself in rain, and what better drama to do that than Something in The Rain, drenching the characters almost in every episode, rain becomes the third lead

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Everyone loves romance but when you add the spice of the age gap, it becomes utterly tempting, this drama puts meaning to ‘age is just a number’ in such a beautiful way

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Age-Gap Romance

Something In The Rain shines as one of those dramas that addresses social taboos with such sensitivity that you will be left in awe 

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Breaking Taboos

Yoon Jin Ah (Son Ye Jin) and Seo Joon Hee’s (Jung Hae In) romance is obviously frowned upon and faces a lot of obstacles, but still love finds a way

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A love that grows against all odds

Something In The Rain sets itself apart with the never-before-seen portrayal of hand-holding, hidden glances, and more, the drama is a novel depiction of being in love

Iconic depiction of being in love

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Wi Ha Joon was at the beginning of his acting career at the time, it was a treat to watch him as Son Ye Jin’s younger brother 

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Wi Ha Joon

Another reason to rewatch is the supporting cast of the show with their show-stopping performances highlighting the show 

The Crew

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The Midnight Romance in Hagwon is an upcoming age-gap romance and moreover, it stars Wi Ha Joon in the lead, what more reason one need to re-watch Something in The Rain

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon

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