[ad_1] Ramadan 2024: Traditional Indian desserts for Iftar and sehri

Mar 29, 2024

BY: ET Online

Ramadan 2024: Traditional Indian desserts for Iftar and sehri

Shahi tukda

This royal delicacy from Hyderabad's culinary scene combines smooth and crunchy textures. Made with ghee-toasted bread and milkmaid,

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Sheer khurma

This meal, which is made with vermicelli by cooking the tiny strands in milk, is similar to seviyan.

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Mawa kheer

Ramadan and kheer go hand in hand every time. Kids adore this royal Mawa dessert, which is surprisingly simple to prepare.

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This dish has a thick consistency and is sweetened with sugar, which you can adjust to your desired level of sweetness.

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Simple yet incredibly flavorful, Rabdi or Rabri is an Indian delicacy flavored with almonds, cardamom, and saffron.

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It has a cardamom flavor for a cool taste, and you can add your own dried fruit on top.

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Moong dal halwa

A wonderful Ramadan dessert that can be the ideal addition to your opulent meals is moong daal ka halwa.

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Rice kheer

Nuts and dried fruits can enhance the nutritional value of this creamy sweet dish. The dish only requires a short amount of time to create, and the recipe is simple to follow.

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