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Feb 23, 2024

Perfect hot breakfast drinks to start your mornings

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Masala chai

Nothing compares to a steaming cup of masala chai. Around the world, this spicy milk tea from India is quite popular.

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Hot chocolate

What better than a cup of hot chocolate for the winter mornings.

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Matcha latte

Every sip of matcha is herbaceous, little sweet, and slightly bitter, with the rich, creamy milk providing a counterpoint.

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Chai and irish cream

Every sip of rich, sweet, and creamy chai tea is produced when a few glugs of Irish cream are mixed with freshly brewed, spicy chai tea.

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Classic irish coffee

Nothing is more comforting than the traditional pairing of fluffy whipped cream and bitter coffee.

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Pink hot chocolate

Grated sweet white chocolate is the first step in making it. Next, add your preferred milk and a small amount of natural beet juice for color.

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Ginger tea

Warm and comforting, this nutritious hot beverage has a strong ginger flavor with hints of tart lemon and sweet honey.

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Classic mocha

Perhaps because it tastes so rich and chocolaty that it resembles drinking chocolate pudding, the mocha is one of the most well-known espresso drinks.

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