[ad_1] Nurse loses almost 45 kgs with two simple changes: Things she did

Nurse loses almost 45 kgs with two simple changes: Things she did

Mar 16, 2024

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Samantha Abreu's story

Weight loss can be a challenging process both mentally and physically. The same happened with Australian nurse Samantha Abreu, who weighed ove 114kgs thanks to her eating habits and hate for exercise.

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Lockdown magic

The 25-year-old would often order takeout, as per a report by the New York Post. However, all this changed during lockdown and Abreu felt that she needed to change.

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Simple changes

During the lockdown, she would go for walks and found that it was a blessing. Since then, she began to make simple changes to her lifestyle.

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Calorie deficit

In a TikTok video, Abreu shared that she planned her meals so that it was calorie deficit. She practised portion control as well, reported New York Post.

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Protein push

In her TikTok video, Abreu also shared that she prioritised proptein.

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Water intake

Another thing she did was that she aimed for drinking 2-3 litres of water a day.

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80/20 rule

She also advises to live by the 80/20 rule where 80% of the food you eat is for weight management and the rest 20% is a treat for yourself.

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Some exercise

Abreu walks 10,000 steps a day and advises to do activities that suit you. She also hits the gym and lifts weights, runs, and plays soccer.

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The results

Abreu in her first year lost 47 kgs. Now, she weighs around 67 kgs and is living a perfect, healthy life.

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