[ad_1] National Chilli Day 2024: Spiciest chillis in India

Feb 22, 2024

National Chilli Day 2024: Spiciest chillis in India

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Bhut Jolokia

It is grown exclusively in Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, and Arunachal Pradesh and is frequently referred to as the "ghost pepper." It is used in pickles, dry fish, and fermented foods like pork.

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Kashmiri chillies

In comparison to other Indian chilli varieties, Kashmiri chillies are much milder and more aromatic. They also add a rich, deep red color to meals.

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Guntur chilli

Andhra Pradesh's Guntur village is the world's leading producer and exporter of chiles. This particular chilli was the inspiration for many well-known recipes, including the Guntur Chicken Curry.

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Byadgi chilli

They are also a crucial component in Udipi cuisine. The mildly hot chili adds a beautiful shade of red to the recipes.

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Jwala chilli

It matures to a crimson color and has a very strong flavor. In India, it is commonly utilized in the majority of spicy dishes.

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Mundu chilli

Mundu has a flavor all its own. Though they have a distinct flavor that improves the flavor of many meals, they are hardly spicy.

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Kanthari chilli

Every dish benefits from the wonderful heat and spice that the chilli brings. It's widely used to make sun-dried chili soaked in yoghurt and salt, a classic South Indian dish.

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Khola chilli

This vibrant red chili is a main ingredient in many homemade condiments, such as the well-known "recheado" paste, which is used to produce red chili sauce, pickles, and filling foods.

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