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Morning drinks to lose belly fat fast

Feb 6, 2024 | ET Online

Lemon Water

A glass of warm lemon water to start the day off well can benefit your health. It has a lot of pectin fibre and antioxidants, which help to melt belly fat.

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Jeera Water

Cumin seeds are rich in antioxidants, which are important for helping with weight loss.

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Saunf Water

Rich in fibre, fennel water makes you feel fuller for longer, which helps you resist cravings and overindulge in food.

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Cinnamon Honey Water

While honey curbs appetite, cinnamon helps lose visceral fat and supports weight loss. Drinking this water first thing in the morning is truly beneficial.

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Haldi Water

Turmeric increases your metabolism and lessens the symptoms of bloating. A healthy metabolism facilitates weight loss.

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Green Tea

Antioxidants (catechins) found in green tea are known to accelerate metabolism. For best results, avoid adding sugar to the beverage.

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Ajwain Water

Ajwain seeds help in increasing metabolic rate. Ajwain facilitates improved nutrient absorption and improves digestion.

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Coconut Water

Potassium and a high concentration of bioactive enzymes found in coconut water increase the body's metabolic rate, which reduces belly fat.

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