[ad_1] Magnificent tall indoor plants to elevate your area

Feb 23, 2024

BY: ET Online

Magnificent tall indoor plants to elevate your area


It's really easy to grow and care for. It develops magnificent unfolding leaves quickly.

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American plant

The bird of paradise's appealing characteristic that sets them apart are its leaves, which resemble bananas.

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Ficus Lyrata

Once you find the right spot for them and adjust the watering schedule, fiddle leaf figs are simple to grow and care for.

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Hawaiian Ti plant

The Hawaiian ti plant becomes as eye-catching as it did when it first arrived, and as it grows, you'll notice that the lower leaves begin to drop to reveal a more tree-like structure.

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Rhapis Palm

They do not do well in low light conditions and thrive in areas with bright indirect light. Phaphis palms are an excellent way to provide a touch of the tropics.

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Fig tree

Place this towering plant next to a large, bright window with a sheer curtain so it will get plenty of indirect sunlight.

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Areca Palm

It is perfect for filling the living area because it grows well in low light.

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Snake plant

The sword-like leaves of snake plants can enhance your living area.

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