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Feb 12, 2024

Kiss Day: 8 types of kisses and their meanings

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Cheek kiss

A peck on the cheek signals intimacy and affection. Those that we are very close to usually receive a peck on the cheek when we greet them.

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Forehead kiss

This conveys admiration and a sense of security. A gentle kiss on the forehead conveys the message that the recipient is secure in this place.

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Hand kiss

This indicates a desire to get into a relationship. Many cultures also do this as a way to express respect and admiration.

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French kiss

People who are incredibly attracted to or deeply in love with one another typically share this type of intense and passionate kiss.

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Neck kiss

When two people are genuinely passionate about one another, they typically share this kind of kiss, which conveys intimate intentions.

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Eskimo kiss

An Eskimo kiss is a playful, cosy, and intimate gesture that entails rubbing noses together. It's used to express playful affection or strengthen bond with a loved one.

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Butterfly kiss

Fluttering your eyelashes against your partner's skin creates a delicate and endearing butterfly kiss. This kiss represents love, tenderness, and innocence.

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Angel kiss

An angel kiss is a gentle, affectionate kiss given to your partner on their eyelids or in the corners of eyes, signifying care, protection, and tenderness.

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