[ad_1] Introducing Xiaomi's SU7: First EV by the phone maker

Introducing Xiaomi's SU7: First EV by the phone maker

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Mar 19, 2024

​Xiaomi SU7​

​Xiaomi SU7​

Xiaomi's inaugural electric vehicle, SU7, will enter the Chinese auto market in March, facing fierce competition.

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Orders for the SU7 are now being accepted through Weibo at 59 locations across 29 cities in China.

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The price tag for the SU7 will be unveiled during a launch ceremony scheduled for March 28.

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With the SU7, Xiaomi aspires to join the ranks of the world's top five automakers.

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Boasting a "super electric motor," the SU7 promises acceleration rivalling Tesla and Porsche's EVs.

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The SU7's integrated operating system, akin to Xiaomi's popular devices, appeals to existing customers.

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​Production partner​

Production of the SU7 will be handled by a BAIC Group unit in a Beijing factory with a capacity of 200,000 vehicles annually.

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​Cars vs smartphones​

Xiaomi acknowledges the distinct challenges in transitioning from smartphones to cars' growth.

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Xiaomi's commitment of $10 billion over a decade to auto ventures secures its position in China's EV market.

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