[ad_1] How to make garlic oil for hair growth?

Feb 12, 2024

How to make garlic oil for hair growth?

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Benefits of garlic for hair

Raw garlic is high in vitamins and minerals and is beneficial for your hair and scalp. Using garlic topically makes your hair grow, as per research.

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How to make?

Here is how to make garlic oil for hair growth.

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Take some garlic cloves and crush them with a fork roughly to make a coarse paste.

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In a dry pan, roast this crushed garlic a little.

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In the same pan, add one cup of coconut oil or olive oil to your roasted garlic paste.

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Heat your homemade garlic oil at a low flame for 5 minutes.

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Once hot enough, turn off the heat and let this cool.

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Pour your homemade garlic oil in a jar and take a little on your hands. Apply on your scalp and hair and massage thoroughly.

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