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Houseplants that keep insects away

Feb 15, 2024 | ET Online


Basil plants are not only one of the most popular herbs to grow but they can effectively keep insects away from you due to their strong scent.

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You need to dry and burn rosemary close enough to the areas where bugs typically enter or remain for it to be effective at keeping them away.

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The essential oil that gives them their distinctive odour deters insects, including mosquitoes.

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Also known as the mosquito plant, citronella is one of the most popular insect repelling indoor plants.

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Not only does this herb have a great scent to it, but it also repels bugs. The plant naturally secretes an oil that has insect-repelling properties.

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Mosquitoes are known to strongly dislike the unique scent of marigolds. When the top inch of the soil is dry, water the marigolds.

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Venus Flytrap

Venhus flytrap is most popular for keeping insects away. These insect repellent plants can add beauty to your house in addition to warding off bugs!

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The numerous benefits of mint have earned it the title of "wonder herb." It has a nice, refreshing scent, but it also works wonders to keep insects away.

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